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Let’s try this again – corrected link to Echoes in the Dark

I borked the link to Echoes in the Dark, my monthly newsletter that has more or less morphed into my new blog, in my last post. Here’s the correct link.

And in case that doesn’t work, you can find it here:

Echoes in the Dark is basically my blog now.


Update: Now with correct links!

If you’re subscribed to this here blog that is no longer a blog but is now a news page, you might consider subscribing to Echoes in the Dark, which began as my monthly author newsletter but has basically morphed into my new author blog since I switched it from Mailchimp to Substack.

I’ve got short weekly posts talking about my writing process and the progress of my current WIP, and longer monthly posts in which I share a weird story from my life and give a quick recap of the previous month. And this week, I’ve begun experimenting with adding a podcast format.

You can get all of that delivered straight to your inbox if you subscribe, but even if you don’t, you can still read it all here.

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