Dominion of the Damned Trilogy

Dominion of the Damned Trilogy by Jean Marie Bauhaus

“Imagine ‘The Walking Dead’ with characters you liked and a plot that made sense. Now imagine it with vampires as humanity’s not-so-Heaven-sent saviors, and you have a unique, enjoyable tale.”

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Nursing student Hannah Jordan expected to spend spring break welcoming her new brother into the world. She didn’t expect to deliver him herself in her family’s backyard bunker as her mother lay dying from a bite wound. Newly orphaned with a baby to raise while the her neighbors tear each other apart outside, Hannah only knows one thing for certain: all the survival training her daddy put her through didn’t prepare her for this.

Months later, Hannah emerges from the safety of her shelter to find that zombies are the least of her problems. Hunted, abducted and separated from her brother, Hannah is thrown into a prison camp along with the last surviving remnants of humanity, lorded over by a race of power-hungry vampires hell-bent on preserving their only food supply. Proclaiming themselves the saviors of humanity, the vampires demand payment in labor and blood. For all their pretenses of being benevolent dictators, Hannah quickly learns the monsters inside the prison walls are far worse than the zombies roaming outside.

Desperate to find her brother and escape, Hannah’s only hope is Alek Konstantin – Dr. Creepy to her fellow inmates – who is rumored to conduct experiments on children. When he arranges to have Hannah and her brother transferred to his own camp, she has no choice but to go along.

She soon discovers the doctor’s agenda is drastically different from the rumors – or so he claims. If he’s telling the truth, his research could hold the key to saving the human race and restoring balance to the power struggle between humans and vampires. But everything Hannah knows about vampires wars against everything Hannah’s heart tells her about this brooding vampire doctor with the kind eyes and gentle demeanor. Can she truly trust him, or is it all an act? If she makes the wrong choice, the future of humanity could be at stake.

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Humanity’s greatest hope is vampire-kind’s biggest threat. In apost-apocalyptic wasteland where vampires rule, zombies are weaponized,and humans are caught in the middle, the stakes have never been higher.

“So what happens now?”

“Now? Now we go change the world.”

Alek Konstantin sounds so certain. But Hannah Jordan doesn’t share his certainty.

No longer fully human, not quite fully vampire, Hannah hovers somewhere in between, the next level of evolution that could save humanity and vampire-kind alike — or lead to their destruction, more assuredly than the zombie plague that started it all. Within her veins lies both an antiserum against the plague and a cure for vampirism — and there are those who would fight and kill both to attain the cure and to destroy it.

Still getting used to her new abilities — and his new limitations — Hannah and Alek hatch a plan to infiltrate the vampire-run camp where their human friends have been imprisoned, and to synthesize and distribute as much of the vaccine as they can to level the playing field between the humans and their vampire captors. As they gather allies and assess their enemies, it’s impossible for either of them to be sure which side anyone is on.

Hannah only knows one thing for certain — that her love for Alek, also altered by her blood, and for her infant brother Noah, means she’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, and to make the world habitable again, a safe place where she and Alek can raise Noah in peace — if they manage to survive.

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Revolution: Dominion of the Damned Book Three by Jean Marie BauhausExhausted, demoralized and displaced, only two goals give Hannah Jordan the strength to keep going: getting her husband back from the clutches of the Vampire High Council, and getting vengeance on the one who took him prisoner and slaughtered her friends. When she and her band of fellow refugees, the lone survivors of the prison massacre, are apprehended and placed in quarantine by a squadron of U.S. Army soldiers, Hannah sees them as an obstacle to her goals and plots her escape. But as it becomes clear that Hannah and her fellow human-vampire hybrids have enemies in common with the human soldiers, she realizes she might have found a new ally in her quest to rescue Alek and stop Esme’s reign of terror once and for all.

Beaten, tortured and subjected to brutal experiments, the worst part of Alek Konstantin’s new existence is not knowing whether his wife and her infant brother are alive or dead. Knowing his life will last only as long as it takes for Esme to bring her master Balthazar another hybrid specimen to study, Alek manages to resist the vampires’ interrogations… but for how long?

Even worse, he knows time is running out for humanity. The vampires have succeeded in developing a synthetic blood supply, which means they no longer have any need to keep their human subjects alive. As Hannah and her team evade the vampires who are hunting for them and battle their way through zombie-infested terrain to storm the castle where he’s imprisoned, can Alek work from within to dismantle the Council, spread the cure for vampirism and give humanity a fighting chance?

Find out in this heart-pounding conclusion to Dominion of the Damned!

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