Prayer Answered in Real Time

I think I forgot how to casually blog. I was sitting here overthinking how to start this nothing-burger of a rambly update and I had to go read some personal author blogs to figure out how to get started. Apparently, the thing is just to start. I used to know this. I’m so out of practice.

AN-yway, here I am, honoring my decision to blog here like it’s 2003 by telling you about my day. It was an interesting one. In a good way. For once.

We started out by taking our car in for some repairs. Said repairs would take all morning, so we let the manager — a super nice guy recommended to us by a neighbor — talk us into doing something we rarely ever do anymore: go out to eat. He sent us to a nearby diner and insisted that while there we try the fried chicken liver.

Now. Anything ending in “liver” is not generally my go-to choice for diner food, or any other type of cuisine, nor is it generally my preferred chicken part. But he was very convincing. We we went, we ate the livers, and we had no regrets. Y’all, them livers is goood. I had mine with an over-easy egg and hashbrowns and a honey biscuit and nearly six hours later I’m still full from that meal.

We also ordered fried pies for desert, but we got them to go and brought them home for later. Despite being stuffed, though, we had to sample them as soon as we got home. We had a coconut cream and a peanut butter pie. The coconut was good but I just don’t have words to express how happy the peanut butter one made my taste buds. It was hard to stop with just a bite, but I’m glad I still have some to look forward to later.

Pies and leftovers in hand, we headed back from the diner to the automotive place to hang out and wait. While we did, out of the blue, the same manager asked if we wanted to buy a truck. In fact, we are in the market for a truck. I said so, and then we spent the next hour checking over and test driving his old but in surprisingly good condition F-150. Thing is, him selling this truck depends on his being able to purchase another truck he’s got his eye on for a reasonable price. He said he should know tomorrow, and if that deal works out, he’ll get in touch. So. We might be getting a truck. I’ll let you know how that works out.

OR I’ll tell you now because he just called to say he’s buying the other truck and we can buy this one. YOU GUYS!

Okay, I’m not celebrating until it’s a done deal. But YOU GUYS!

No. You guys. We’ve been praying for a long time for God to lead us to a good, solid, dependable truck that we could afford to pay cash for. So I’m actually freaking out a little right now.

Hopefully, this bodes well for other things falling into place for us. The house we made a try for last week didn’t work out, and we’ve been moping around feeling pretty dejected about it, but standing on faith that God’s got something even better out there for us. Tomorrow, we’re heading to look at more properties and praying that we’ll find the right one. But now apparently we’ll also be stopping to pick up our new truck, praise God!

This is encouraging. I’m so encouraged right now.

Stay tuned to see how this all pans out.