We’re Truck People Now

Wayulp, we are now the proud owners of a 1990 F-150!

What we prayed for: a ‘90s model heavy duty truck in good running condition that would be reliable and relatively easy for Matt to repair and maintain on his own, at a price for which we could afford to pay cash.

What we got: exactly what we prayed for, right when we have a legit need for a truck to help us move.

There was some consternation last night around how we were going to actually pay for it. We bank at a national bank that doesn’t have any local branches here, and we don’t keep any checks because when do we ever need to write a check?

The answer is: when you’re trying to buy a truck. That’s when.

So only yesterday evening did we discover that our check card has a daily spending limit of $1,000, which put the kibosh on our notion of waltzing into Walmart and purchasing a money order in the amount for the truck. Okay, no big deal, we’ll just do a wire transfer. Oh, but that has a daily limit, too. And apps like Venmo are out because we’re dealing with an older gentleman and we really don’t want to ask him to have to download an app and set up a new account on something he’s not familiar with just for this one transaction.

In the end, we ended up splitting the payment between a wire transfer and a money order. It all went fairly smoothly, albeit felt more complicated than it should have been. But I’m glad this happened now, because otherwise we might have been going through this panic the night before closing on a new home, trying to figure out how we would manage our down payment and closing costs.

Now we know: order some checks, you ninnies.

At any rate, we got our truck home safely, and now it’s sitting in our driveway, helping us look like true Ozarkians. We considered going back to that diner for a celebratory meal, but we were too tired and we needed to get home to Dixie, so instead we celebrated by eating our leftover pie for lunch.

Before picking up the truck, we drove out to meet the realtor and look at another property. It was a cabin (with an old mobile home used for storage) on 20 beautiful acres. We looked around the property while waiting for the realtor’s arrival and started falling in love. But then she came and showed us the house. Sheesh, that house. Janky is an understatement. There was no way it would have passed inspections, and our realtor thought they were asking about 100K above what it’s actually worth. So we passed, much as it pained us to do so.

Tomorrow we go to look at two more properties. On the way back, Lord willing, we’ll stop by the tag office and make the truck officially ours.

It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already done more extroverting this week than I normally do in a month. Lord help me.