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The Hag Jean Marie Bauhaus book cover

Michael Latimer is living the good life. He’s head of his university’s English department, he has a great marriage to a beautiful wife, an assistant who makes him look good at work… What more could he ask for? But when one night he finds himself immobile in his own bed as terrifying visions taunt and torture him, his life begins to crumble–along with his sanity.

Rational man that he is, Michael gladly seizes on a diagnosis of sleep paralysis–a sensible, scientific-sounding name for the ghastly night visits that plague him. But as he continues to grapple with his condition, his research takes him down paranormal rabbit holes that make him question everything he knows about the nature of the world, and evil… and Kathy, his wife.

Kathy is worried about her husband. He’s been having trouble sleeping, and ever since it started, he’s become more cold and withdrawn, even hostile. She hopes spring break at her parents’ remote cabin in the Ozarks will let him get the rest he needs to return to his easy-going, lovable self.

But when his coldness toward her only intensifies once they’re at the cabin, she can’t resist the impulse to check his phone, convinced he’s having an affair. What she finds instead is far more disturbing, and is only the beginning of Kathy’s night of sheer terror.

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From the author of Dominion of the Damned and Restless Spirits come four bite-sized tales of terror. Jean Marie Bauhaus spins a mesmerizing and haunting world in which monsters roam the post-apocalyptic streets of New York, scavenging for their next meal, vengeance finds room for compassion in surprising places, and even the vending machine down the hall begins acting shifty.


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Terror at Lake Eucha by Jean Marie Bauhaus - atmospheric Lovecraftian horror

Something lingers in the woods of Lake Eucha… something that refuses to be forgotten.

A year following her brother’s disappearance, Melanie Fisher is determined to get answers. Her quest takes her to the site of an abandoned amusement park, where she finds a lost video camera containing evidence that her brother was losing his mind.

She begins to question her own sanity when memories surface of childhood visits to the lakeside amusement park that occurred long after the park was destroyed by fire. An online search tells her she’s not the only one with such impossible memories.

Common sense–and her concerned boyfriend–tell her to leave it to the authorities. But Melanie’s own instincts tell her that giving in to the madness and opening herself up to the forces drawing her back to Lake Eucha may be the only way to get the answers she seeks, along with any hope of saving her brother.

Fan of atmospheric horror will love this unsettling tale inspired by H.P Lovecraft, Marble Hornets and creepypasta.

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The Witch in the Cellar - Jean Marie Bauhaus author

“There’s a witch buried in the cellar.”

So begins this tale about a local legend, a curse, and a creepy storm cellar.

A boy and his family move into a double-wide trailer on a plot of land in rural Oklahoma on which they plan to build their dream home, where a loan storm cellar is all that’s left of the house that once stood there. What happened to the house–and all who’ve tried to build there since–is the stuff of legend. But when things start happening that are hard to explain, is the neighbor boy playing creepy pranks to support his story? Or is something more sinister at work? Something evil–and deadly.


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The Pixie and the Professor - Jean Marie Bauhaus / Jeanie Nicholson, author

Meg the pixie never had much interest in drab, boring humans; that is, until she spies skin of gleaming brass peeking out from beneath the sleeve of reclusive inventor Phineas Farnsworth. Her curiosity sufficiently piqued, Meg follows Phineas to his home, where an unfortunate encounter with his cat leaves her forever changed — both inside and out. A charming fairytale with a gearpunk edge, The Pixie and the Professor is a tale of selflessness, sacrifice and loyalty, a sweet love story suitable for all ages. (Published under pen name Jeanie Nicholson)


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Fragments & FanciesThree vampires walk into a bar…

A suicidal widower is talked down by a mysterious, chain-smoking stranger with an ulterior motive…

A picturesque sea-side chalet harbors a disturbing secret under its serene waters…

A kindly grandmother runs a pie shop that is a gateway to time and space…

A mysterious house with a dark reputation tempts one bored little girl…

Angels, vampires, ghosts and faeries mingle with the lovelorn, the desperate, the weary and the brave in this collection of quick-fire stories from Restless Spirits author Jean Marie Bauhaus.

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