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When her dad and his annoying girlfriend announce their engagement, Chris Wilson isn’t exactly thrilled. As if getting roped into bridesmaid duty for a future step-mom she can’t stand weren’t bad enough, Chris is stunned when Marsha accuses Chris’s deceased mother of trying to ruin the wedding.

Certain their mother moved on to the Great Beyond long ago, the Wilson sisters investigate who—or what—is really out to get Marsha. With marriage fever making everyone crazy, can the sisters get to the bottom of this haunting in time to save the wedding? And do they even want to?

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About Jean

Jean Marie Bauhaus is a ginger GenXer who speaks with a twang that underscores her Northeastern Oklahoma upbringing. She developed a passion for good storytelling at an impressionable young age, and today channels that passion into writing. She makes her home in Northeastern Oklahoma with her husband Matt and their gaggle of four-legged dependents.

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