About Jean

Β© Matt Bauhaus

Jean Marie Bauhaus is a ginger GenXer who speaks with a twang that underscores her Northeastern Oklahoma upbringing. She developed a passion for good storytelling at an impressionable young age, and today channels that passion into writing.

A freelance writer and book editor by trade, Jean is addicted to yarn, dark chocolate, and even darker coffee. She has a degree in social science with an emphasis on psychology and sociology, and she thinks that someday she may do something with it besides psychologically profiling her characters and applying social theory to fictional societies.

A recent transplant to the Arkansas Ozarks, Jean lives in the woods with her husband Matt and their gaggle of four-legged dependents. Connect with her on Facebook at her author page , on Twitter, and on Instagram @jmbauhaus.

Contact: jean@jeanmariebauhaus.com