A List O’ Updates

Bullet list style!

  • The job hunt is still on. I’m hoping to have some good news by the end of this week. But I’ve been hoping that every week for a while now, so….

  • The flash fiction I submitted to the local publisher has been accepted… except that I haven’t been given a contract or anything yet, so I’m going to call the acceptance tentative until something more official happens.

  • Eucha Falls is still under submission to the horror anthology. The latest update is that so far they’ve rejected about 40% of submissions and passed about 6% on to the head editor for consideration. Supposedly they started sending out rejections and notifications last week. I’m choosing to interpret the fact that I haven’t gotten anything yet as a hopeful sign.

  • This week I started another short story to submit for another anthology. The anthology is about cyborgs. My story is about a steampunk cyborg pixie. I’m not sure if that’s quite what they have in mind, but I’m going for it anyway. My short stories usually end up either super-short flash fics or novelettes that are too long for anyone to want to publish. I think this time I’m going to manage to strike a happy medium.

  • I think I’ll continue to focus on short stories and flash fiction until I’m ready to get back to noveling, which will probably happen in November with NaNoWriMo. When that happens I’ll most likely be writing the sequel to Dominion of the Damned. I feel bad about keeping Radium Town on the back burner, but really, I think the smartest business decision I can make as an indie is to finish the series I started and focus on generating a fan base before I branch out. For now I can look to short stories for spreading my writer wings to other sub-genres.

  • I went for a walk today, which is worth mentioning because, other than yard work, it’s the most exercise I’ve gotten in probably two months. I’ve been feeling sick and sore all over from all the physical inactivity. One walk isn’t enough to fix me, but it’s a start.

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