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PCOS, goal interference, and reluctant diet changes

Last week was just a bad week. I have those from time to time, and I’m growing more accepting of that fact — and better at extending grace to myself — now that I’m past 40. Still, it’s really annoying to have stuff that needs to get done and lack the energy or mental clarity to do it. On the bright side, spending last week feeling vaguely ill has finally helped to convince/motivate me to get my diet back under control, since probably at least 99% of what was wrong with me could be traced to not eating healthy enough.

Seriously, I’ve been doing some research on my various chronic ailments and diet, and basically I’m not supposed to be eating any of the stuff I’ve been living on lately. I already knew that PCOS causes issues with insulin resistance and that I should be eating a low glycemic-index diet and not nearly so much bread (I’ve been eating a ton of bread, y’all) or sugar (hello, Halloween candy!). But apparently the fact that I have both PCOS and hypothyroid means it’s highly likely that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease that’s been linked to gluten intolerance. Yet more reasons for me to avoid bread. Excuse me while I cry into my pumpkin spice flavored English muffin.

And then this short podcast offered compelling reasons why dairy is also horrible for anyone with PCOS. The gist of it is that any animal-based milk contains natural growth hormones that stimulate androgen production and make PCOS symptoms worse. Also, despite the fact that dairy is considered a low-glycemic source of protein, it actually causes blood sugar to spike about as much as bread or sugar.

So lately, this is what my diet has looked like: for breakfast, an English muffin with peanut butter and a glass of milk; for lunch, tuna salad with cottage cheese mixed in on two slices of toast; a cup of yogurt in the afternoon; and something involving meat, veggies and some form of cheese for dinner.

Can you see a few problems there? No wonder I feel like crap half the time.

Of course, this is the worst time of year to try and start a new healthy eating regimen, with Halloween and the holidays right around the corner. And I’m actually dealing somewhat better with the idea of cutting out bread and sugar than I am with giving up cheese. But I’m really tired of not feeling well and it would be nice to actually have the energy to go after my goals.

I like that the podcast I linked above pointed out that it’s not like I have celiac disease or anything, so the occasional indulgence won’t kill me. That’s good to remember, because so many of my favorite things have either gluten or dairy or both. Off the top of my head, that list includes pizza, egg rolls, cookies, breakfast toast, beer, grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream. Sure, there are gluten-free alternatives to all that stuff, but it tends to cost twice as much and often tastes half as good as the real thing.

At any rate, I’m going to need to do some more researching and planning on all of this. If you follow me on Pinterest, don’t be surprised to see an influx of PCOS and health food related pins showing up on your home page.

A List O’ Updates

Bullet list style!

  • The job hunt is still on. I’m hoping to have some good news by the end of this week. But I’ve been hoping that every week for a while now, so….

  • The flash fiction I submitted to the local publisher has been accepted… except that I haven’t been given a contract or anything yet, so I’m going to call the acceptance tentative until something more official happens.

  • Eucha Falls is still under submission to the horror anthology. The latest update is that so far they’ve rejected about 40% of submissions and passed about 6% on to the head editor for consideration. Supposedly they started sending out rejections and notifications last week. I’m choosing to interpret the fact that I haven’t gotten anything yet as a hopeful sign.

  • This week I started another short story to submit for another anthology. The anthology is about cyborgs. My story is about a steampunk cyborg pixie. I’m not sure if that’s quite what they have in mind, but I’m going for it anyway. My short stories usually end up either super-short flash fics or novelettes that are too long for anyone to want to publish. I think this time I’m going to manage to strike a happy medium.

  • I think I’ll continue to focus on short stories and flash fiction until I’m ready to get back to noveling, which will probably happen in November with NaNoWriMo. When that happens I’ll most likely be writing the sequel to Dominion of the Damned. I feel bad about keeping Radium Town on the back burner, but really, I think the smartest business decision I can make as an indie is to finish the series I started and focus on generating a fan base before I branch out. For now I can look to short stories for spreading my writer wings to other sub-genres.

  • I went for a walk today, which is worth mentioning because, other than yard work, it’s the most exercise I’ve gotten in probably two months. I’ve been feeling sick and sore all over from all the physical inactivity. One walk isn’t enough to fix me, but it’s a start.

On the Versatility of Spaghetti Squash. And Some Minor Publishing Plans.

Today is groceries & Bible class day, so no time for writing. The grocery shopping’s done, and I stocked up on vegetables in an attempt to get myself back on the low GI wagon. I bought a big spaghetti squash to stand in for all the noodles I’ve been eating lately, and I actually picked out some recipes from my Low GI board in Pinterest and lined up a menu for the week.

I’m mostly looking forward to making (and eating) this Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai (or at least, my own version of it). For the leftover squash I picked up some pesto mix and I’ll just toss it with that and some chicken and Parmesan and pretend it’s pasta. This avacodo, cucumber and tomato salad is on the lunch menu. Hopefully this week will remind me that vegetables can actually be delicious and cleanse all that starch and sugar out of my system so I’ll stop craving it so much. Of course, not looking at Pinterest so often would also help with that.

Later: lunch, then client projects, then Bible class and giving Sasha the rest of her meds. Then we’ll get in bed and watch Justified. We started the first season last night. So far it looks like a keeper.

Weekend plans: I need to give my current book listings some attention and make sure all my author profiles everywhere are up to date, and I need to add some content to the pages of this here blog. I might do a new cover for Restless Spirits, since my graphic design skills have improved so much since the last cover, and also because I’ve been told by male readers that they loved it but were reluctant to read it because the cover is too “romancey.” I’m also thinking about experimenting with changing my pen name from my full name to just J. M. Bauhaus to see if that helps to lure in more male readers (and isn’t it a shame that that’s even something I have to consider in this day and age? Sigh. Boys.), but that might cause me to lose my reviews on Amazon, so we’ll see.

Because Accountability is Highly Motivating

Okay, gang, we’re going to try something new. Since we’re already (!) coming up on the end of the first quarter of 2013, it’s high time I get a move on with some of these goals. So I’m going to be posting progress reports on a few different goals; namely, writing, getting in shape, and getting my house in order.

I’m trying out a new schedule (actually, it’s an old schedule, one that for some reason only seems to work for me during Daylight Savings Time, so I ought to be fine until November), and it’s one that leaves me time each day for writing and for working out. For working out, I’ll be building up to, and then attempting, Couch to 5K. But that schedule only makes you work out three days a week, so on the other days I’ll be doing an hour of UFYH (don’t click that link if you can’t handle swearing).

My aim here is to do these things and post progress reports every weekday. If I skip a weekday, I will have to make it up on the weekend, and I’m counting on you guys to not only cheer me on but also to hold me accountable.  So do feel free to give me a good talking to if I don’t hold up my end of the bargain.

So without further ado…

Project: Eucha Falls, the recurring dream / creepy pasta / Slenderman mashup that’s taking longer than any short story should ever take to write.

Starting word count: 8,363

Today’s word count: 1,022

What happened: Melanie was lured into the sideshow tent.

Non-spoilery sneak peek: 

She emerged into a long hall, dimly lit by display lights suspended over long glass cases that stretched along each heavily-curtained wall. She approached the nearest case. Inside lay a small, unidentifiable mummified creature. An engraved metal plate in front of it claimed it to be a faerie’s remains. Next to it was a taxidermied “mermaid” that looked like some poor monkey’s face had been sewn onto a fish. Taking up the rest of the case was a pile of shrunken heads, purportedly taken from a tribe of Amazonian cannibals.

C25K/UFYH: After my last stab at starting C25K, I decided I should start off a little slower this time and build up to the running part, because as it turns out, I’m not the sort of person who finds the feeling that your heart has been replaced by a xenomorph chest-burster to be much of a motivator. To that end I had planned to go for a thirty-minute walk this morning, but seeing as it was only 30 degrees out there when the time came and I’m a big wuss when it comes to cold, that wasn’t happening. So instead I did the five-minute warmup from the Cardio Kickboxing for Dummies DVD, which left me winded enough to be glad of my wisdom to take it slow this time. I followed that up with ten minutes of stretching. Eh, it’s a start.

Later: A dreaded phone call (I pretty much dread all phone calls, so there’s nothing special or especially dreadful about this one), followed by lunch, followed by wrapping up the remainder of last week’s To Dos so I can get started on my client projects tomorrow with a clean slate. To be followed by dinner, and then falling into bed with my husband to watch The Walking Dead and the 3rd season finale of Downton Abbey. And then surely to have pleasant dreams filled with hugs and puppies. Man, you guys, at this point I don’t know which of these two shows is more gut-wrenching.

Protected: Weighty Matters

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Non-Goals and ‘WriMo Chatter

(Cross-posted from Daydream Believer)

You know, I had goals for this week, but when I neglect to blog them on Monday, I forget all about them by Wednesday. But they really haven’t changed much: stay healthy, keep gearing up for NaNo, keep my clients happy…those pretty much sum it up.

Goals for the week, and Halloween paper crafts

(Cross-posted from Daydream Believer

It’s Sunday night and, like I said, Monday’s are heck-a busy, so let’s lay out some goals for the coming week. But first, a quick recap of my day, most of which was spent with part of Husband’s side of the family, where meat was smoked and then consumed, rowdy, excited dogs (well, one) were petted and petted and assured that they are very pretty and that yes, I love them even though I just met them, too, Guitar Hero and Scrabble were played, mead (yes, actual mead) was drunk, and a fine time was had by all. All, that is, except our own pets who, judging by how forlorn they acted when we left and how pee-their-pants happy they acted when we got back, were lonely and depressed and miserable the entire time we were gone. Either that, or they’ve got us so fooled that we don’t even suspect them of partying the entire time. I like to think it’s the former. Poor babies.

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