summerwrite day 9 – word count and excerpt

This hasn’t been the best week for me for writing. But it hasn’t exactly been the best week for me in terms of emotional wellness, either, so I’m not beating myself up about it. I’ve still made more progress this week than in the preceding month, so that’s something.

My summerwrite word count currently stands at 3,209, which isn’t that great a showing for the first week, but it’s still makeupable. The Hero Factor is now over 60,000 words long, which officially makes it novel-length, and I’m rounding third base and heading into the home stretch. Still, I expect the home stretch to encompass at least another 25,000 words, so I’ll still be at this one for a while.

And because sharing helps motivate me to keep going, here’s another snippet of yesterday’s output.

Michael slept. So did Taggart. Michael slept the sleep of the righteous and wounded. Taggart, the sleep of the drunk. Thea had more patience for the former.

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A non-word-count, and a preview

Well, today was a complete wash (Wash! *sniff*) as far as writing at work goes. Yesterday, I had plenty of time and no inclination. Today I had plenty of inclination but no time. I might be able to hammer out a few hundred words before bedtime tonight, and if I do I’ll post my word count to twitter.

In the meantime, here’s another sneak peek at The Hero Factor (spoiler alert!):

It always comes down to the coat.

Summerwrite! Off to a complete non-start.

Auto-transcription of my voice posts never fails to crack me up.

I’m here now, but today has been crazy. Between network problems, meetings, and catching up on all I missed yesterday (which I’m still not done doing yet), I haven’t even had time to think about writing, let alone get started on my word count for the day. There’s also the fact that I’m still feeling a bit icky, and also that my dog is still having seizures, neither of which really lends itself to feelings of creativity.

But things are starting to settle down, so I’m going to put on some tunes and do my best to get some writing done. I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, but I should still manage to carve out a few hours to devote exclusively to writing. I hope.

All right, enough procrastination. Time to get to work.


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The weekend was actually fairly productive, writing-wise. I wrote a couple of pages of dialogue for the scene that’s currently giving me fits, and came up with a basic premise and partial plot for that Vampires vs. Zombies novel that’s percolating in my noggin. I’m pretty sure I’m going to tackle it for summerwrite, alongside Hero Factor. Between the two of them, 150,000 pages should be no problem. As for VvsZ, I don’t know if I want to do more groundwork for it. I think I’m going to pants it. That worked out pretty well for me with NaNo, wherein I actually wrote a whole first draft. I’ve been Plotty McOutline with HF, and I keep getting stuck and losing enthusiasm and it’s taking forever. I’m beginning to think pantsing is the way to go. Looking back, that’s pretty much how I wrote all of my fanfic. I’d have a premise, and sometimes an ending, in mind, but with the exception of that one ginormous multi-author epic for which an outline was absolutely necessary, I pretty much made the others up as I went (and, heh, the super-outlined giant didn’t get finished, either).

Yes. I think I must be a pantser. Good to know.