Summerwrite! Off to a complete non-start.

Auto-transcription of my voice posts never fails to crack me up.

I’m here now, but today has been crazy. Between network problems, meetings, and catching up on all I missed yesterday (which I’m still not done doing yet), I haven’t even had time to think about writing, let alone get started on my word count for the day. There’s also the fact that I’m still feeling a bit icky, and also that my dog is still having seizures, neither of which really lends itself to feelings of creativity.

But things are starting to settle down, so I’m going to put on some tunes and do my best to get some writing done. I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, but I should still manage to carve out a few hours to devote exclusively to writing. I hope.

All right, enough procrastination. Time to get to work.