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The weekend was actually fairly productive, writing-wise. I wrote a couple of pages of dialogue for the scene that’s currently giving me fits, and came up with a basic premise and partial plot for that Vampires vs. Zombies novel that’s percolating in my noggin. I’m pretty sure I’m going to tackle it for summerwrite, alongside Hero Factor. Between the two of them, 150,000 pages should be no problem. As for VvsZ, I don’t know if I want to do more groundwork for it. I think I’m going to pants it. That worked out pretty well for me with NaNo, wherein I actually wrote a whole first draft. I’ve been Plotty McOutline with HF, and I keep getting stuck and losing enthusiasm and it’s taking forever. I’m beginning to think pantsing is the way to go. Looking back, that’s pretty much how I wrote all of my fanfic. I’d have a premise, and sometimes an ending, in mind, but with the exception of that one ginormous multi-author epic for which an outline was absolutely necessary, I pretty much made the others up as I went (and, heh, the super-outlined giant didn’t get finished, either).

Yes. I think I must be a pantser. Good to know.