Song Lyrics: Untouchable

I enjoy writing song lyrics and poetry, although I don’t do nearly enough of it. To date, I’ve got two songs under my belt (not counting a slew of Buffy the Vampire Slayer filk I contributed to the Mighty Big TV forums back in the day). This here is the first song I wrote, back in 2011. Parts of it are a little trite and cliche, but it came from the heart.

This past Tuesday was the fourth anniversary of the occasion that prompted it — my second miscarriage. I don’t feel the need to talk about those as much as I used to, but it didn’t strike me until last night that the anniversary had come and gone, and I don’t know how to feel about that. I still have sadness around due dates that might have been birthdays, but I don’t know what it means that I forgot to remember this anniversary. I guess it’s a healthy sign that I’m moving on, but there’s also guilt in moving on from something like that.

But forgetting the date doesn’t mean I forgot the life whose passing it marked. So here’s the song I wrote to make sure I would never forget. As if I ever could.


Tower of glass

Atop the highest mountain

Across the deepest chasm

Behind the tallest fortress

Where you sleep
Where you dream
Where you wait to feel my touch

And I would climb the highest mountain
I would swim the deepest sea
I would slay the fiercest dragon
To have you here with me

I would raise the mightiest army
To knock down Heaven’s door
I would gladly lay my life down
If it could give you yours

Just to touch you…

But you’re untouchable.

Cradle of wood

A room that’s still a guest room

A dream that’s lost forever

Two hearts go on without you
(so breakable)

I can’t sleep
But I dream
And I long to feel your touch


One kiss upon your sweet brow
to wake you from your slumber
One caress of your tiny hand
falls through my grip like sand