Camping Out in Radium Town (Camp Nano Day 3)


Project: Radium Town, the Steampunk Weird West adventure set in my hometown of Claremore, Oklahoma at the dawn of statehood and featuring Will Rogers and Tom Mix.

Writing stage: First Draft

Today’s Word Count:  1,282 today (only 681 yesterday, so I’m a bit behind)

Total Word Count: 3,256

What happened: Betty and the professor got off the train at the Claremore station, where Betty got a surprise hello from her old friend Will and had a surprise ready for him in return. His involved a lasso. Hers involved a stun gun.

Favorite line:

Now here she was, Agent Blake of the BDD, tall and confident in her tailored suit with a skirt just full enough to hide things best left concealed in mixed company, with a slit just high enough that she could get to them quickly if she needed to.

UFYH: I don’t know how much un-messing is going to get done during Camp Nano. I used the time today that would’ve gone to starting a load of laundry to take a shower instead.

What else: Finished a client project and made an experimental chicken salad with leftover chicken breast from Saturday’s fried chicken feast, leftover Easter egg and avocado. It turned out well. My only regret is that we’re out of bread so I didn’t have any toast to go with it. Also, it’s only the second day of this cold and wet weather and I’m already sick of it. Bring on the sunshine! Oh! AND I received a birthday package from Matt’s cousin Stevie — a canister of white hot chocolate. I’ll be mixing up a mug of it after dinner.