It’s Love!

It’s happened. I’ve fallen in love with my novel. It’s taken a little while to get there, and I was beginning to worry that we were going to end up “just friends,” that the chemistry wasn’t there. But I turned a corner this weekend, and it literally feels like falling in love. I can’t stop thinking about the characters, or the story, and I want to spend time with it constantly. But I also can’t wait until it’s finished, so I can spread the love.

I think my husband might be a little jealous.

You guys, right now I feel like Dominion of the Damned is turning out to be the best thing I’ve ever written. I guess that’s normal — or maybe it’s something writers should feel with every new thing they write, if they’re continually improving and working on their craft as they should. But this is the fifth novel that I’ve either written or attempted to write since abandoning fanfic, and this is the first time that I’ve felt that what I’m writing is better than my fan fiction. It’s also the first time I’ve loved my own characters as much as — possibly even more than — I ever loved Joss Whedon’s.

I think I might have just had some kind of breakthrough, or something.

In other news, I changed my LJ theme. It’s a pre-made theme from thefulcrum. There are a lot of great ones over there, and it was really hard to choose, but this one won out because I like that it’s relatively light on images, which puts the focus on the writing. Eventually, I’d like to design my own theme, but it will be a while before I have time to re-learn Livejournal theme customization requirements. Until then, this will do.

I also updated the Links list in the sidebar, including adding some blogs that are must-reads if you’re interested in self-publishing.