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So, I redid this here blog. As much as I love my old custom theme, I felt the need to go back to basics, stop trying to live up to a “brand” that I’ve never been able to quite pin down and stop treating this as my “author blog.” It’s just my blog, and I’m just a writer, so I’ve stripped away distractions to focus on what really matters: the writing.

This is all part of rebooting my writing career. I’ve decided to go ahead and take a break from self-publishing for a while (except maybe for short stories) and try to give traditional publishing a fair chance. Like I said earlier, I can’t do it all by myself — at least not as well as I thought I could — so I’m going to try finding an agent and then go from there. This means that Intruder and any other Restless Spirits or Dominion of the Damned sequels are on hold while I see if I can find an agent and a publishing home for those two books. Meanwhile, I’m going to get back to work on Radium Town, and also keep writing short stories.

Speaking of short stories, I also rebooted my Patreon page to put the focus there. I’m still tinkering with the page — for one thing, I still need to shoot an introductory video, which kind of terrifies me — but as far as pledge amounts and what I plan to deliver it’s pretty much set. Although if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see offered there, I’m all ears. At any rate, I plan to write at least one short story per month and publish it exclusively for my patrons — which you can still become for as little as a buck a month. Do you wanna? Then click here!

In other news, I barely slept last night, and consequently got very little done today other than tinkering with the blog. I think I’m going to head to bed early tonight, but not before spending the next hour or so in House of Leaves. Goodnight, lovelies.


A few things…

  • Nanowrimo’s not happening for me. There’s just too much on my plate right now for me to be able to make it a priority.
  • Relatedly, I think I need to take a semi-hiatus from this blog until things settle down and I figure out exactly what I want to be doing with it. I’ll still post if there’s news, but for the time being I won’t be posting just for the sake of putting content out there.
  • Since my freelance writing resume page imploded, I FINALLY made time to reconstruct it. Except instead of a page on this blog I set up a whole website for it. If you happen to know anyone who could use a freelance writer or content development coach, you can point them to my credentials here: Jean Marie Bauhaus – Writer for Hire

  • I am really, really glad it’s Friday.


That’s the sound I imagine my blog making on Friday when it imploded and all of the content disappeared. Although I suppose “kerplooie’ is more of an explosion than an implosion. At any rate, that happened.

The best part is that the site went down RIGHT after I sent out several freelance job applications with links to the freelance writing CV I’d spent two hours putting together on Thursday. For several hours after that, this blog, and every other WordPress site on our account, including our business blog and both of Matt’s websites, became completely inaccessible. When they finally came back up, all the other sites were fine, but this here blog?


No, wait: the ACTUAL best part was when I asked my web host’s tech support for help restoring the content, and they waited until the next day to respond, and their response was to tell me, basically, to buy their backup and restore tool and fix it myself. Funnily enough, after openly ranting at them about it on Twitter, suddenly they were able to get it restored post-haste. Never underestimate the power of airing your customer service grievances on Twitter. The name of my web host, by the by, is iPage, who offers dirt-cheap hosting, and let this be a lesson to all that with web hosting it’s especially true that you get what you pay for.

Okay, no, hold up. The really, REALLY best part is that, after all of that, the page with the freelance writing CV — you know, the one I’d spent two hours putting together the night before, the link to which I sent out to several job prospects on Friday right before the crash, and also the one of which I foolishly failed to make a backup copy — was not included in the site restore. So I’m going to have to track down all of those writing sample links and compile the whole thing all over again.

At any rate, I’m just grateful the site is finally back up and that I don’t have to restore everything myself. I’m also grateful that that would have been a possibility, and the one silver lining I kept clinging to was that if one of our sites had to get wiped, at least it was mine, since I mirror all of the posts to my Livejournal. Would restoring all of the content from LJ have been a pain? Yes. But at least it would have been doable, which is more than I could say for any of our other sites.

Oh, and here’s another lesson we can all learn from this: back up your websites and your WordPress databases regularly, folks. Don’t leave it up to your web host.

Meanwhile, In Real Life…

Sorry for the radio silence this week, folks. I’m buried in work right now, and I’ve got a couple of client projects that I’ve got to buckle down and get cleaned off of my plate ASAP. So this is just a quick note to let you know that the blog’s on another mini-hiatus until those are done.

Now you kids behave yourselves while I’m gone.

Some Things To Note

Firstly: I redid my main website, and my blog is now my homepage–you can go right to it at and BAM! Blog. If you’re on Livejournal, hopefully you’re actually able to read this and I set all of that up correctly.

Secondly: I started that podcast. The first episode is over here. It’s not too long, so you should listen to it and give me feedback. Or ask me some self-publishing or writing questions that I can answer in a future episode.

Thirdly: I had my first Book Wrangler consultation client today, and I think it went well, and will lead to more work, so YAY!

Fourthly: Peanut butter sure is delicious.

Fifthly: Seriously, you guys, every time I consider doing Paleo and I almost manage to convince myself that I could live without cheese, I remember that peanut butter’s not allowed and I’m like, “NOPE!”

Sixthly: I’m going to start a new Tumblr for random stuff like the above, and for re-blogging all of the geeky fandom stuff I’m always liking over there, and it will be the new Marzipan Pie Plate Bingo. I’ll let y’all know once I get around to that. No, wait–here it is!

On Too Much Pizza, Light Bulbs, and My Shiny New Blog Theme.

This week is getting away from me. It’s already more than halfway over and I’m just managing to get started. Of course, it’s my own dang fault. After we went to Gingrich’s speech on Monday, we were both tired and feeling a little down about the state of Life, the Universe and Everything, so we ordered pizza for dinner to cheer ourselves up. That led to a pizza, beer & ice cream binge, which led to a night of fitful sleep and insomnia, which led to a Tuesday that turned out to be a sick day as I caught up on sleep and recovered from an unplanned night of gluttony.

Which brings us to today, which was supposed to be a catching up day. But then shortly after I got up this morning Husband asked if we could please go to Target and pick up a handful of non-grocery items that we’ve been needing to get, including, but not limited to, a new floor lamp (necessary thanks to the incandescent bulb ban which means we can no longer buy the extra large three-way bulbs for our antique lamp; yes, they make extra large three-way CFL bulbs, but they all have a standard base, and our lamp has an extra-large socket. So now our beautiful antique lamp is a useless piece of landfill fodder, unless we can find a way to re-wire it. Way to save the planet there, incandescent bulb ban!) and a storage bin that will become a new and less cramped terrarium for Matilda the Turtle.

And of course, after we returned from Target I was rendered about as useless as our old lamp until I’d had a couple of hours to recover from the drain of Going Out Into The World. Which is always what happens whenever we go anywhere for any reason. Yay for introversion!

And tomorrow, Matt wants to spend the day going to Home Depot and stopping by some local businesses that have either crappy or non-existent web sites to say hi and drop off our business card. And then Friday is grocery shopping day. Really, I might as well just give up any plans I had to get anything done online this week that doesn’t involve Netflix or Hulu or staring at Pinterest going “Oooh, pretty!” I certainly haven’t managed to get any editing done.

Anyway, and speaking of getting things done online, before this sudden rush of eagerness to leave the house and interact with people on the part of my beloved, I managed to make some changes to this blog that you might have noticed if you’ve come here to read or comment instead of doing it on Livejournal or in a feed reader. I finally found the time to customize a theme to better coordinate with the rest of my web site, and I think it looks much more professional. I also added a “Shop” section, which is an Amazon store selling both my books and those of all of the indie authors that I’ve featured on this blog. Be sure to check out that section, because as I was adding the books I noticed that some of them are currently free to download. Hooray for free e-books!

Happy New Year!

It’s a new month and a whole new year, and my post-NaNoWriMo break is officially at an end. That means that I’ll dig in and start editing Dominion of the Damned this week, and it also means that my blog semi-hiatus is at an end, which means it’s about to get a lot more chatty around here.

Coming up, I’ll be sharing some publishing and sales stats, doing a walk-through of the editing and publishing process with Dominion, and posting more indie author spotlights and interviews, as well as some indie book reviews…although those will be few and far between at first, because finding time to read is a challenge, and my To Read queue is long, and I still haven’t yet gotten around to reading Dance with Dragons. Or Ghost Story. Yeah, I know. So much for all that reading I said I was going to be doing over my December break, but that’s what happens when the “day job” becomes insanely busy.

I’ll also hopefully be posting more on the crafting side of things. I’ve made a few things here and there, but I’m always too lazy to take pictures and post them, so I need to remedy that. After all, part of the whole point of moving from Livejournal to WordPress was so that I could have a category devoted to crafting. My crafting has slowed down along with the TV season (since I usually make stuff while I watch TV), but the former should start to pick back up along with the latter, and I’ve got a long list of things I want to make.

So that’s what’s ahead. Hopefully, 2012 will be a productive and creative year, full of glorious, amazing mistakes. And I hope it’s a good one for all of you, as well.

This post has been brought to you by WordPress

Hello Livejournal land. I’m still alive, and I haven’t forgotten you. In fact, I’ve been busy behind the scenes making sure you don’t get left behind as I make the inevitable transition to WordPress. I’ve been angsting about lately, trying to decide whether to leave my writing blog on LJ, or to start a new “official” WP blog with a wider scope, or whether to just stick with the status quo. But thanks to the wonders of the JournalPress and LJ Comments Import programs (and to and –that’s LJ users justbeast and yuki-onna, in case it doesn’t show up on one end or the other; I’m still working out how this all works–for making them known to me), I CAN HAS BOTH WORLDS!

So here’s the score: I’m broadening the scope of this blog beyond just writing and self-publishing to include knitting and crafting, design, reading, pop culture… basically all the things that fill me with glee. I don’t do so well with single-topic niche blogs, because eventually I feel like I run out of things to say on the topic at hand. Daydream Believer was originally that blog for me, but in the past year that has pretty much morphed into a blog about dealing with the difficult things in life. It feels odd now to stick an occasional knitting or TV post up there, you know? That blog’s not going anywhere, but it’s going to remain what it is, until hopefully one day it will evolve into a mommy blog.

But this blog is going to be my happy place.

It will also be my professional space, hence why the official URL is now But you can also read it right here on LiveJournal, just where it’s always been. And if you leave a comment on LJ, it will show up on the WP blog, and (I think) vice versa.

So if the LJ blog isn’t actually going anywhere, then why bother with the change? Well, because self-hosted WordPress has better functionality and organization, more customization options, and it offers a more professional, SRS BSNS appearance. Also, no Russian politicos crashing the system. So then, why not just move and be done with it? Because Livejournal has YOU GUYS, duh! And I don’t want to lose that community aspect that made me put my writing blog on LJ in the first place.

So here it is, my new old blog. The new space will evolve over time; I’m still figuring out these plugins, and I still need to organize all of the old LJ posts that I imported over there, and figure out the structure and the sidebar matter and etc. The old space probably won’t change much, but it isn’t going anywhere, either, and best yet, you don’t need to visit either if I’m on your friends list, because I’ll still be there.

“Official” Web Site, And a Snippet

I've been lagging behind on LJ lately, but that's because I've had my head down making myself a shiny new web site at It has a lot of bells and whistles and is primarily designed to make my portfolio look good, but it's worth mentioning here because it also serves as my "official" author site. If you take a look, you'll see that I figured out a way to incorporate this here blog into the site without having to switch to WordPress or some other self-hosted blogging platform. So I get to stay here at LJ and have the best of both worlds. Hooray!

In case you're wondering if all this focus on my new site has interfered with Dominion, fear not, it's still coming along. It currently stands at just short (about 90 words) of 65K. I skipped ahead again and have spent the last couple days working on a future scene. Note to self: if you get so bored in the middle of writing a scene that you need to skip ahead to the part of the story where all the action happens in order to keep writing, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate whether that scene even belongs in the book.

It’s Love!

It’s happened. I’ve fallen in love with my novel. It’s taken a little while to get there, and I was beginning to worry that we were going to end up “just friends,” that the chemistry wasn’t there. But I turned a corner this weekend, and it literally feels like falling in love. I can’t stop thinking about the characters, or the story, and I want to spend time with it constantly. But I also can’t wait until it’s finished, so I can spread the love.

I think my husband might be a little jealous.

You guys, right now I feel like Dominion of the Damned is turning out to be the best thing I’ve ever written. I guess that’s normal — or maybe it’s something writers should feel with every new thing they write, if they’re continually improving and working on their craft as they should. But this is the fifth novel that I’ve either written or attempted to write since abandoning fanfic, and this is the first time that I’ve felt that what I’m writing is better than my fan fiction. It’s also the first time I’ve loved my own characters as much as — possibly even more than — I ever loved Joss Whedon’s.

I think I might have just had some kind of breakthrough, or something.

In other news, I changed my LJ theme. It’s a pre-made theme from thefulcrum. There are a lot of great ones over there, and it was really hard to choose, but this one won out because I like that it’s relatively light on images, which puts the focus on the writing. Eventually, I’d like to design my own theme, but it will be a while before I have time to re-learn Livejournal theme customization requirements. Until then, this will do.

I also updated the Links list in the sidebar, including adding some blogs that are must-reads if you’re interested in self-publishing.

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