Goal Update: How Are Those Goals Coming Along?

[Cross-posted from Daydream Believer]

So far, so okay. My writing goal is going great. I’m managing a chapter a day, all of which so far have required extensive, if not complete, rewrites, so that ain’t too shabby. If I can keep up this pace I’ll be done revising it by February, at which point I’ll let a few more people read it and give me feedback before I start querying agents.

My personal goal is slightly less great. I got dressed AND put on makeup AND styled my hair every day until today, and that’s because today I woke up with a sore throat and body aches and intended (and still intend) to take lots of naps, so I figured I might as well stay in my PJs. But tomorrow I’ll need to run to the grocery store, so I can guarantee that I’ll get dressed then, and four out of five days for the first week isn’t too bad.

The business goal, so far, isn’t coming along at all. I’ve been too busy all week to touch my new web site. Today is the first day that I haven’t had something due, so if I feel like it later I might work on it, but writing this post is taking up most of the mental energy that was left over after today’s writing & revising session, so no guarantees. But I still have tomorrow and Saturday to make some progress on it, so it’s too early to declare it FAIL.

And I have accomplished other things this week, things that made money, so that’s a definite WIN.

What about the rest of you goalies? Are you kicking my butt at goal-achievement? Or are you just days away from total goal-failure? Or are you like me, and somewhere in between?