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Goal Post: Week 2

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Today I’m drinking coffee for the first time in about six weeks, and savoring every drop. I’m also working in my office for the first time in about as long, on the theory that I’ll be more focused and productive in here than I tend to be when sitting on the couch. We shall see. Either way, the cats keep jumping up and getting in my face, apparently wanting to make out–either that or trying to tell me to get out of their chair. In here, if I don’t comply either way, they start knocking crap off of my window sill, trying to kill either me or my computer; whereas on the sofa they would just give up and go away. So the jury’s still out whether the office will be more distraction-free.

Goal Update: How Are Those Goals Coming Along?

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So far, so okay. My writing goal is going great. I’m managing a chapter a day, all of which so far have required extensive, if not complete, rewrites, so that ain’t too shabby. If I can keep up this pace I’ll be done revising it by February, at which point I’ll let a few more people read it and give me feedback before I start querying agents.

My personal goal is slightly less great. I got dressed AND put on makeup AND styled my hair every day until today, and that’s because today I woke up with a sore throat and body aches and intended (and still intend) to take lots of naps, so I figured I might as well stay in my PJs. But tomorrow I’ll need to run to the grocery store, so I can guarantee that I’ll get dressed then, and four out of five days for the first week isn’t too bad.

The business goal, so far, isn’t coming along at all. I’ve been too busy all week to touch my new web site. Today is the first day that I haven’t had something due, so if I feel like it later I might work on it, but writing this post is taking up most of the mental energy that was left over after today’s writing & revising session, so no guarantees. But I still have tomorrow and Saturday to make some progress on it, so it’s too early to declare it FAIL.

And I have accomplished other things this week, things that made money, so that’s a definite WIN.

What about the rest of you goalies? Are you kicking my butt at goal-achievement? Or are you just days away from total goal-failure? Or are you like me, and somewhere in between?


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I let the weekly goal setting fall by the wayside when the time came to start gearing up for NaNoWriMo–since that was pretty much the only goal I’d intended to focus on through the end of November, and it seemed pointless to reiterate that every week. Then, of course, life happened, and the holidays, and apart from just getting through those with my sanity intact I was pretty aimless there for a while. And although I know I said I don’t feel like setting any big goals for the year, I still have plenty of Stuff I Need To Get Done, and breaking it down into weekly goals has proven a pretty good way to get myself on track.

Let’s set some goals.

It’s hard to think about goals for the whole week on a Monday morning when your brain is rebelling against the entire concept of work and wishing it could go back to sleep for about five more hours. It’s also hard, knowing I have a lot to get done today, to think past just getting through this day. But despite all of that, I’m off to a decent start, and hopefully this goal post (SCORE! o/) will help keep the momentum going.


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Pants Fail: It’s almost noon and I’m still in the shorts and tank top that I wore to bed last night. At some point I’m going to have to at least put on a bra for the sake of the air conditioner repairman, but I’m not feeling particularly motivated to go beyond that, considering our current lack of AC.

Health Fail, with a side of Breakfast Fail: I was on a pretty good workout streak the last couple of weeks, getting up early and going to my sister’s to work out with her in her nice little home gym setup. But she’s back in school this week (she teaches), and neither of us are willing to get up as early as we’d need to to get in a workout before she has to head to work. I have every intention of putting our stationary bike to good use and getting back into a Pilates routine, but so far I just can’t be bothered. And to compound matters, this morning I was all out of my Kashi cereal, and couldn’t be arsed to prepare anything requiring more effort than said cereal. And so instead of a healthy and nutritious breakfast, I helped myself to a bowl of Husband’s Cap’n Crunch. I’m on a bit of a sugar high right now, but I know I’m going to regret it so hard later.

Goals: I Got ‘Em

(Originally posted at Daydream Believer)

Before the rest of this year gets away from me, I’m taking August by the horns and setting some measurable goals for myself.

Goals can be tricky. I have to be careful not to go overboard with them, lest I become hopeless and give up on all of them, like New Year’s Resolutions. So I’ve decided to go easy on myself by dividing my life into three areas — personal, business, and writing — and tackle one weekly goal for each.

My personal goal for this week is pretty simple: get back into the habit of getting dressed for work. Mur Lafferty has helped to kickstart something of a revolution, inspiring freelancers and other work-at-home types to stop lazing about in our PJs all day and put on actual pants. I’ve been resistant–isn’t getting to work in your PJs supposed to be one of the great benefits of working at home, after all? But the fact is that getting dressed makes me feel more professional, which in turn makes me more productive. So I’m hopping on the pants-wagon and am going to aim to be fully dressed by 10AM every day. So far so good – I was dressed by 9 this morning, and I already feel more accomplished.

My business goal is a learning goal: to educate myself about wireframes and how they can help me as a web designer. My cursory research hasn’t convinced me that they’re anything to get excited about, but when a client recently asked if I can do them, I said that I could learn, and so that’s what I’m going to do.

My writing goal is a little harder to pin down. I have so many that it’s hard to pick one to focus on. I need to get back into the habit of writing fiction daily. I have two novel ideas that want outlining, and I have a first draft manuscript that needs editing. All of that is aside from continuing to edit and post This Old Haunt, which is also crying out for some kind of marketing effort (and which, incidentally, has a new episode as of this morning). I also have a novellette-length short story that I wrote earlier this year that needs some severe editing so I can send it out for consideration. That’s a lot to think about all at once.

Being forced to pick one, I think I’ll go with the first draft novel edits. My goal for this week is to get that to the beta readers (which would be you guys, if any of you have time for it), and while I await their feedback, to tackle the plot problems I already know about by applying Holly Lisle’s Index Card Plotting Method that was mentioned here last week.

Now that those are set, I’ll be checking in with progress reports throughout the week. If I don’t fully accomplish a goal this week, it will carry over to next, and so on until I can mark it accomplished and move on to a new goal. For today, number one is already accomplished. Time to get busy on the other two.

What about you guys? Got any weekly goals you’d like to track with me? Tell me about it, or link to your own blog post about same, in the comments.

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