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February was a busy month, y’all. For one thing, we moved! Again! But in spite of that it also managed to be a productive month. Here are a few results of some of all that productivity.

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Newsy Bits & Progress

Guys, guess what? Y’all helped make both Restless Spirits and Kindred Spirits two of  Vinspire’s top three sellers last month! So thanks for that!

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I need y’all to work your magic again because Kindred Spirits is nominated for Cover of the Month for the month of August at! It just barely eked into the second round and is currently dead last. I have faith that we can do better. Click here to go vote — you will, alas, have to create an account if you don’t have one already, and I totally get that that might be a deal breaker. But if you’re willing to take a few minutes to sign up and vote for Kindred Spirits, you’ll be doing me a real solid. Okay, I’m old and terrible at slang and I’m not even sure what that means and if I used it correctly and I’m sorry. Favor. You’d be doing me a favor. And I will be so grateful. Enough to never inflict awkward slang on you again.

Finally, Bound Spirits is still steadily, albeit slowly, coming along. I’m about halfway through–the next scene is the midway turning point of the second act, so it should be downhill from here. The second half usually goes much faster. Usually. At any rate, here’s a quick peek:

“So why the rush? We’ve only been together for six months.”

“You’re right. I guess that is a little fast. But is that the only reason you’ve got cold feet?”

“I wouldn’t say they’re cold. I wouldn’t even call them lukewarm.”


“I just want to be sure _he’s_ sure, you know?”

“Not this again.”

“Yes, this again. It’s a crazy life. It’s all still new and exciting to him, and he’s all jazzed whenever something crazy happens that he can put on his channel. But then something terrifying like what happened tonight happens. And he was great, but we haven’t even had time to process it yet. We’re still in the middle of it. Is he really prepared for an entire lifetime of this sort of thing? What happens when it gets old?”



“That’s what I just heard your feet say.”

I Did an Interview and Other Announcements

Here are various and sundry news-ish items you might like to know about:

  • I was interviewed by author H. Shussman for her blog. Among other things, I discuss who my favorite (of my own) characters are, which authors inspired and shaped my own writing, and my advice about both traditional and self-publishing. Head here to check it out.
  • Yesterday I sat down and started plotting the next entry in the Restless Spirits series, which I’m tentatively calling Bound Spirits. I still need to flesh out the subplots and put everything into outline form before I begin the first draft, but I think the main plot is pretty well hammered out.
  • Lastly, this doesn’t really have anything to do with my books, but I want to offer congrats to my pal Erin Palette for making it to the 10th bloggiversary of Lurking Rhythmically, which has featured a couple of my short stories in recent years. Erin is a vastly talented writer in her own right. If you’ve never read her blog, head over there to see what you’ve been missing for the last decade.

And hey, don’t forget that Love Letter (a Restless Spirits novella) is now available for 99 cents wherever e-books are sold! Here’s the Amazon link, and here’s the Vinspire page with all of the links to buy.



Restless Spirits 2 is off to the publisher – AND it has a title!

At long, long last, I’m pleased to tell you that the full-length sequel to Restless Spirits that I spent all last year (and then some) working on is FINALLY finished and turned in to my publisher. No word yet on when they plan to release it, but I’m guessing we’ll be looking at another Halloween-adjacent launch.

Of course I had to give it a real title before turning it in. After a lot of deliberation and highly scientific online polling, I settled on Kindred Spirits. That’s not officially official until my editor approves it, but seeing as how I believe that was one of her suggestions back when she rejected calling it “Ghost of a Chance,” I feel pretty good about its chances of survival.

Stay tuned to this space over the coming months (or better yet, head here to sign up to my newsletter) for updates on things like an official release date announcement, excerpts and the eventual cover reveal!

And don’t forget — the mini-sequel novella, Love Letter, set about a year after the events of Restless Spirits, comes out next Tuesday! Head here to pre-order your copy!

Love Letter: A Restless Spirits Novella by Jean Marie Bauhaus


Restless Spirits: Love Letter Available to Pre-Order!

loveletter-1400x2100Good news, ghost fans! Love Letter, my mini-sequel to Restless Spirits, is available to pre-order!

In this standalone novelette set one year following the events of Restless Spirits, sisters Ron and Chris Wilson find a new challenge when a tortured spirit suddenly appears in the house Ron is haunting alongside her ghostly paramour, Joe.

After paranormal investigator and medium Chris Wilson buys an antique desk for her new office in the renovated house she shares with Ron and Joe, Ron discovers the desk came with an unexpected bonus: a failed author who died of a heart attack in the middle of a nasty argument with his wife over that very desk.

With Chris’s help, can Ron and Joe help this tortured spirit make contact with his wife and find the peace he needs to move on to his final rest? Or will they be stuck sharing their home — and Ron’s ghost-writing space — for the foreseeable future?

Pre-order Love Letter so it will be automatically sent to your device as soon as it launches on January 31st! Click here to get it for Kindle, or click here to get it for your Epub device!

Haven’t read Restless Spirits yet? Here’s where you can get a copy!


Newsy Bits about the Restless Spirits Series

Just a few updates about this long road to publication . . .

  • Restless Spirits is up on my publisher’s website, and I’m told that pre-ordering will open up soon. In anticipation of this, I’ve gone ahead and put a button on the home page. I’ll send out a newsletter to announce when pre-ordering is available.
  • I have decided not to hold a local launch party for Restless Spirits, because life is just too crazy at the moment and the timing is terrible. With the help of a friend, though, I’m looking into the possibility of doing some bookstore signings locally, and some Tulsa-area indie bookstores have expressed interest in carrying it.
  • I WILL be doing a Facebook launch event, but I don’t have any details on that yet. Stay tuned.
  • Restless Spirits: Love Letter has been turned in to Vinspire and has a release date of January 31, 2017!
  • Edits of Restless Spirits 2 (formerly known as Ghost of a Chance, actual title TBD) are coming along, albeit more slowly than I’d like, because of said craziness of life. But things are progressing, and progress is good.

6 weeks, y’all! Squee!


Happy NaNoWriMowe’en!

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerIt’s one more sleep till Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year–and only two more sleeps till one of my other favorite annual events: NaNoWriMo!

I’ll be participating this year, although not in the traditional sense, which I suppose makes me a “rebel.” I’ll be writing an as-yet undisclosed project which has already been started. I’d be writing it anyway, so I might as well join in the Nano festivities and take advantage of the community aspect while I can. I’m not so much going to worry about hitting 50 thousand words by the end of November; I plan to take Sundays (except for Day One) and Thanksgiving Day off, so that means I’ll actually only have 25 days to get there, and I’d have to write 2,000 words a day on average. Juggling that much output with my current steady freelance writing gig seems a little unrealistic.

My primary goal is to finish the first draft in two months, so if I can hit a word count somewhere between 35 and 40 thousand by the end of the month, I’ll consider it a win. That means at least  1,400 words per day, which is slightly more manageable.

Will you be doing NaNoWriMo this year? I go by jeanjeanie over there, so make me your buddy and say  hi!

In other news, I finalized and submitted my short story The Cellar last weekend, so now I’m just waiting to learn its fate. There might be more news to tell you about in the not-too-distant future, and it might be something pretty exciting, but that’s still in the “wait and see, need more info” stage at this point, which is kind of driving me batty. If it works out, though, it’s going to be quite an announcement, and well worth the wait.

Kickstarter Update & Other Newsy Bits

Welp, guys, the Kickstarter is winding down, and barring a last-minute miracle, it doesn’t look like Ghost of a Chance, or any other sequels to Restless Spirits, is going to happen–at least not in the foreseeable future. I hate to throw in the towel early, but with four days left on the clock and only nine blessed backers, I think it’s time to get real and start thinking about what’s next. Of course, if you’d like to try and prove me wrong and make this book happen, it’s not too late to pledge.

In related news, the other day I did this interview with the blog Mameway Corner, wherein I talk a little about the Kickstarter and a lot about Restless Spirits, my process and other writerly things. And in case you missed it, a while back I did another interview for Scott Roche’s blog.

In completely UNrelated news, yesterday I finished the first draft of my short story project that I code-named Cellar Witch. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that here but if you follow me on social media you’ve no doubt seen me mention working on it a time or two. Or fifty. It stands at a little under 10,000 words, which is just under the maximum word limit for the anthology I plan to submit it to for consideration, so it’s going to need some trimming.

So I’ll be working on that while I wait to see if that Kickstarter miracle happens. Next week, after the campaign ends and the dust settles, I post another update here about what happens next.

Free Through Sunday: Dominion of the Damned

Hey! Have you read my post-apocalyptic zombies vs. vampires vs. humanity epic, Dominion of the Damned? Well, now’s your chance to read it FREE! If you have a Kindle, that is. Or any device with a Kindle app.

Dominion of the Damned is a lighthearted romantic romp dark dystopian fantasy with a butt-kicking, gun-toting heroine, a lot of violence, and plenty of angst tempered with a fair amount of humor and snark. And vampire smoochies. But not the sparkly kind.

And it’s free through August 30th. Get it here!

Dominion of the Damned by Jean Marie Bauhaus

For those keeping count, that’s currently THREE(!) books I’m giving away (not counting this one, which you get free by joining my mailing list). The other two are Restless Spirits and the recently launched Restless Spirits: Love Letter. You can find both of those currently free at most major e-book retailers.

Happy reading!