Dominion of the DONE!

I wrapped up the final round of revisions on Dominion of the Damned this morning. Of course, there’s still a lot to do before its official release. So what happens next?

First, I need to make an electronic Advanced Review Copy to offer free to reviewers (and if you’d like a free ARC to read and review, just let me know in the comments–bearing in mind that by accepting a copy you are indeed agreeing to write an honest review of it somewhere, e.g. Amazon, Good Reads or your very own blog). And then I need to load it into my Kindle and give it one more read-through to look for any errors that I missed, especially on scenes that got added or rewritten.

Meanwhile, I’ll be setting up my pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter, which I need to get up and running ASAP. I just need to finish making one of the prizes so I can show it on camera, and make the obligatory video explaining everything. Hopefully, I’ll pre-sell enough copies to raise the funds needed to finalize the cover. After which I need to finalize said cover, send the e-copies to anyone who pre-paid for them on Kickstarter, format the paperback file and order proofs from Lulu and Createspace for comparison, order and sign paperback copies for anyone who pre-paid for those on Kickstarter, set the official release date, create a press kit, send out press releases, arrange a blog tour, schedule an online release party, and finally, officially launch the book.

So what’s next, with this book out of the way? I already announced that my next novel-writing project will be Radium Town, but that’s going to be in the research and planning phase for a while. In the mean time, I need to finish up Eucha Falls, and give my short story Hungry Child another revision, and release those together (although I’ll probably release them both individually at first, probably for free with previews of my other books in the back). There’s also an anthology that I’d like to submit a story to, which is due in a few weeks, so I’d better get on that. And I need to pull The Hero Factor off of the back burner and make it publishable, since I have too many ideas for sequels and spin-offs to let that one lie dormant.

And somewhere down the road, I’ve got an outline for another paranormal thriller that’s loosely tied to Restless Spirits, and I need to write the sequel to Dominion, which I’m pretty sure is going to be a trilogy.

Looking at all of these projects in my queue is REALLY making me wish that writing was my full time job. Le sigh.