Dominion is creeping ever closer to being done and ready. Earlier this week, my job extended my lunch break to a full hour, which gives me time for writing and editing during the week. So I’ve been spending my lunch hours taking my Kindle and my notebook down to the park and camping out on a bench to work on edits while I nibble on my sandwich. On weekends, I’m typing up the edits, and formatting it for publication as I go. It’s kind of a slow way to do it, but at least it’s getting done. I think I’m still on track for a mid-October release, although I want to get a lot closer to done before I announce an official release date.

The new short story is also coming along, one scene at a time, one Sunday at a time.

In other news, the weather here in northeastern Oklahoma has finally broken and turned a bit more fall-like, although it’s supposed to creep up into the nineties this week. But at least that’s not triple digits. I sort of played hooky yesterday to get some rest and celebrate my wedding anniversary, and spent a while outside in the gorgeous weather with a book (A Dance With Dragons, YES, STILL and I’ve got about a hundred and fifty pages left to go) and a bottle of pumpkin beer, and it was sheer bliss. Between all things pumpkin starting to pop up and the Halloween candy on display at Target and the awesome weather, I think we’re officially into my favorite time of year, and it’s giving me a bit of a second wind.

And having money in the bank for a change is certainly lowering the stress levels, which doesn’t hurt.

Coming up this month, I’ve got two guest authors scheduled to do interviews and guest posts (although one of them is still tentative), one off whom (not the tentative one) will be giving away BOTH of the books in her series to my readers. And if I know my readers, her books are right up y’all’s alley. Also toward the end of the month, I’m scheduled to do an interview over at author J.A. Beard’s blog. I haven’t gotten the questions yet, but I’m excited about it. I love doing interviews.

Right, then. Back to the grind.