A Word Count and a Snippet

Today’s word count: 543
Total count: 68,435

Today’s snippet:

He remembered the day it all changed, when he knew he was and would always be a doctor. He and Esme were on the prowl, strolling the streets of Berlin. Hunting. They stepped onto a busy street just in time to see a boy get struck by a car. Alek didn’t think, just acted, and managed to keep the boy stable until help arrived. It was the first innocent life he’d saved since before his village was invaded.

Esme had laughed when he tried to tell her how good it had felt, that he knew deep down that saving lives was still his purpose. “A vampire doctor,” she’d said, cackling. “Don’t be absurd. Your purpose is to kill. Your purpose is vengeance. Don’t ever forget that, my sweet Alek.”

The following night, she’d presented him with the boy’s head. The night after that, he’d walked out of her life, and never looked back.