Dominion Progress and Process

I’m closing in on 40,000 words on Dominion. I’ve upped my daily word goal to 1,000 on weekdays, and my weekly goal to 10,000, which means a lot of extra writing on the weekends. If only my lawn would mow itself, this would be a cinch. But I think it’s doable. My goal is to finish it by mid-August.

I finished the second section this week, and made headway into the third. I’ve also got several scenes written for the fourth, since I keep jumping ahead. Whenever a future scene is easier to envision than the one I’m working on, I go ahead and write it. This keeps the writing fun. Of course, it’s tempting to write the whole climax, denouement and everything directly leading up to it, since I can see everything that happens so clearly; but if I write all of the “candybar” scenes (TM Holly Lisle) now, I won’t have anything left to look forward to as I push through the middle.

Even at (almost) 40,000 words, it’s early enough in the story that I’m still setting things up, moving characters into place, getting them together and such. This part’s fun, too, but the part I love best is the interactions and exploring relationships that are already established. I get impatient with my characters when they don’t know each other yet, because in my head they’re already an old married couple. That’s not a spoiler, it’s just a fer-instance.

Of course, first meetings can be fun to write, too.

What about you, dear reader? What’s your favorite part to write, or to read if you’re not a writer (or both)?