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I have to confess, I don’t listen much to NPR, and so I’m really only familiar with Ira Glass through his fans throughout the Kingdom of Blog. But between this and his Buffy advice, I think I’m kinda crushing on the guy a little. I might have to start downloading his radio show.

I’m lagging.

I didn’t sleep well last night, at all, and today I took in so much sugar and caffeine that I gave myself a headache. And I have a page long MUST DO list that I’ve been neglecting all week and isn’t getting any shorter. It’s getting distracting and overwhelming, and soon I’m going to have to give it some attention.

But I’m going to hit pass 10k today if it kills me.

So now I’m going to go make myself some tea, stretch my muscles, and then come back and just write for two hours.

The rest of the world can wait for me for two hours.

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