Go, Snow

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I am a fan of snow only when it’s the very first snow of the season, when it’s falling and shortly thereafter, when everything is hushed and magical and clean, and it looks like the world has been tucked in with a really big, unblemished blanket. After that, the snow gets dirty and pocked and ugly, and the practicalities and inconveniences of having to live with it sink in, and I’m ready for it to go away and stay gone for another year. Which doesn’t usually happen, at least with the first snow.

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Stuff and Things

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I had every intention of dragging the Christmas decorations in from the garage tonight, but instead I ended up spending the last several hours setting up my new baby/nursery blog, Project Little Bit. I’ll try to find time to write several posts over the weekend, and start posting officially on Monday, but it’s not totally bare if you’d like to take a sneak peek before then.

Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving, dear readers (or a lovely Thursday, dear non-American readers)? I did. We spent it at my in-laws, where we stuffed our faces and hung out and watched movies and had a relaxing, food- and fun-filled time, and I was promised much future spoilage of the grandbaby-to-be.

State of the Pregnancy

Goals for the week, and Halloween paper crafts

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It’s Sunday night and, like I said, Monday’s are heck-a busy, so let’s lay out some goals for the coming week. But first, a quick recap of my day, most of which was spent with part of Husband’s side of the family, where meat was smoked and then consumed, rowdy, excited dogs (well, one) were petted and petted and assured that they are very pretty and that yes, I love them even though I just met them, too, Guitar Hero and Scrabble were played, mead (yes, actual mead) was drunk, and a fine time was had by all. All, that is, except our own pets who, judging by how forlorn they acted when we left and how pee-their-pants happy they acted when we got back, were lonely and depressed and miserable the entire time we were gone. Either that, or they’ve got us so fooled that we don’t even suspect them of partying the entire time. I like to think it’s the former. Poor babies.

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Last week, this week, and a month from now (yay NaNoWriMo!)

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I know I said I’d start posting my goals again last Monday, but then I got slammed with work. So far this freelance biz is feast or famine, and my regular clients all seem to be on the same cycle as to when they have work for me. I’m not complaining. The busy times are great, as they mean we get to eat and pay the mortgage, and the stress of multiple deadlines isn’t nearly as burdensome as the stress of wondering how to pay the bills.

My brain was pretty fried by Friday night, though, and I spent the weekend trying not to think about work and just recover so I could dig in again this week, which promises to be another busy one. I actually had planned to get a lot done on Saturday, including blogging and posting the next ep of This Old Haunt, but I got hit with a pretty bad headache, and all I managed to get done were some errands and a few scenes of Hero Factor marked up for revisions. Then I spent Sunday puttering around the house getting the cleaning and laundry done. Well, mostly done. I’m still waiting on the last load to dry so I can put it away before I get to work on client projects.

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