Pitch In An Elevator

Today at Daydream Believer: Pitch In An Elevator

I have, finally, begun ProBlogger’s “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” challenge. The first assignment for this challenge is to craft an elevator pitch to help identify precisely what, exactly, this blog is about.

This is a tough assignment, because this here blog has suffered something of an identity crisis in recent years. You’d think that after a decade of blogging (my tenth blog-iversary came and went without any fanfare back in January) I’d have it nailed down, but my poor blog is as ADD as I am. As such, I still can’t bring myself to confine this space to a single niche topic. It’s my safe haven, my creative space, my place to vent my spleen about the stuff I have to deal with, as a writer, as a freelancer, as a wife, as a 37 year old woman who wants a baby and apparently can’t have one (at least, not yet), as an ADD sufferer, as a fangirl, et cetera ad infinitum. It’s a blog salad, really.

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