A Dash of Cheer

Things have been so gloomy here lately that I thought I’d interject a little cheer by sharing a shot of our Christmas tree. We went with a smaller one this year, which makes it look like we have a million ornaments, and as you can see, our “theme” is Anything Goes. The tree topper (the cross from our wedding cake that you can see here) is cut off, but this was the only shot with Boudica looking straight at the camera. The little bells around the bottom of the tree (also an artifact from our wedding) serve as “Cats are eating the tree again!” alarms, and they serve well.

If you’d like to see close-ups of some of the ornaments, you can probably find them in last year’s Christmas House Tour.

Do you have any uploaded pics of your holiday swag? If so, link us up in the comments.

2 thoughts on “A Dash of Cheer

  1. Very nice. I like a little tree. We have a little house and when we finally got a fake tree (yes, yes, I miss the real tree smell, but not the real tree price), we got a small one.
    I’m glad you are finding something nice to think about.


    1. The nice thing about this time of year is that it’s full of distractions. And I like the real tree smell, but not so much the real tree maintenance. I grew up with artificial trees and have been just fine with that, but Matt says it’s not really Christmas without a real tree, and so…. I guess it’s slightly less toxic for the pets to eat real pine needles than fake ones, though.
      *hugs you back*


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