Late-night goal setting

[Cross-posted from Daydream Believer]

It’s Sunday night. I’m blogging my goals for the week now because I have a lot of work scheduled for the next couple of days and I need to get the extraneous (read: unpaid) stuff out of the way.

Last week started really well, but the end of the week saw plenty of fail. This is mainly due to staying up too late several nights in a row and not getting enough sleep, which left me struggling really hard to find focus and enough brain power to concentrate on my work the last half of the week. I managed, but it was far from a good time.

So this week’s goals are exactly the same as last week’s. Nothing gets crossed off. Something is getting added, though, and that’s to work on getting to bed at a decent time; or, barring that, to adjust my work schedule to allow another hour or two of sleep in the morning without it throwing me off-kilter. This is going in the professional goals column, too. It effects my health, which generally goes under the personal column, but the most immediate impact is on my ability to work, so yes, getting adequate sleep is a professional goal, since a sleep-deprived Jean is pretty much a useless Jean.

I’m going to go back to working in my office tomorrow, too. I didn’t make any more progress in getting my desk cleared off, but I did manage to keep my craft table cleared off, so I’ll just work there. It’s time to start training myself that sitting at that table (and, eventually, at my desk) means that it is time to work, and it is not time to check Facebook or Google Reader or Twitter or play Mah Jongg solitaire or Mafia Wars. It’s not time to blog, either, unless I’m getting paid to do so.

The good news from last week is that I signed two new clients without even trying to do any new marketing. They were both client referrals. This has me thinking that maybe the best self-promotion I can do us set up some kind of affiliate program, or maybe offer a discount program for referrals–like maybe a free hour of service for every successful referral? Or something?

This should probably go in my brainstorming journal. The problem with blogging late at night is that I tend to just blurt out whatever’s going through my head, and there’s a lot running through there right now. For lack of a filter, I’d better stop. So those are my goals for this week–same as last week, plus sufficient sleep, and tweaking my work schedule and business practices to a format that’s a little more me-friendly. That last part seems to be a never-ending process, but I’m closer to it now than I’ve ever been, and I think I’m almost there. And there’s that absence of a filter again. Shutting up now.

What about you, dear readers? Don’t worry about filtering yourselves. What’s going on with you this week?