Lately, in a random fashion (7.20.09)

First things first: I just posted a new episode of This Old Haunt, and along with it, a question: do you listen to/care about listening to the audio? Because I’m way behind on audio edits, and also still feeling pretty awkward about them, and if nobody cares, that’s actually quite a load off. Of course, if you do care, that’s lovely to hear, too.

I just read all the latest casting news for Game of Thrones, and I can barely contain my fangirlish squee. I do I do I DO hope that we’re in a position to afford cable and HBO when this show finally hits the airwaves.

The July Money Panic is well and truly over. We sold our old Buick for a respectable price, and I made enough on eBay on top of that to cover all of the gaps for this month. And the August Money Panic is being staved off by our remembering that, if worse comes to worst, we can always cash in my 401K. I hate to lose so much of that to taxes, not to mention lose our only retirement savings, and hopefully we won’t have to. Client referrals are coming in left and right, and I’m sure there’s more stuff around here that I can put up for auction. But it makes me feel 100% better to know that it’s there if we need it, and we won’t have to get behind on our mortgage, or any of the other bills.

I saw Wicked on Saturday (bought the tickets over a year ago, when I was still gainfully employed), and was smitten in a way I haven’t been smitten by a musical in a long time, so that was nice. This morning I lost over an hour to Youtube clips of and related to the show, including this one of Adam Lambert as Fiero, and this old favorite Firefly-Serenity/”Defying Gravity” mashup that still makes me cry. I’ve watched it so many times since it was first posted a year or two ago, in fact, that when I teared up during that song at Saturday’s performance, I wasn’t sure whether I was crying for Elphaba or my old show. A little of both, probably.

No spoilers, but I will just say that the show ends much more happily than the book does. And I like the show better, which probably surprises no one.

I had a full-blown night terror early this morning. Hadn’t had one of those in a long time, probably because my husband usually shakes me awake at the sound of my first whimper. He was having a bout of insomnia and wasn’t in bed when it struck this morning, and only came to check on me after I woke myself up with my own screaming. I was convinced that someone was coming in through our bedroom window, and they had hold of my ankle so I couldn’t move to warn him or get to our gun, and I kept calling out for him but he didn’t hear me. Except I guess he did, because AFTER I woke up, shook it off and went happily back to sleep, he woke me up to ask if I was okay. Heh.

Tomorrow night, we’re going over to my in-laws’ for dinner and a movie. They’re ordering Chinese. I cannot wait. I don’t have nearly enough Chinese food in my life these days.

Oh! I also watched all of Harper’s Island on Netflix over the weekend. Anybody else here get into that show? I was totally hooked, but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. And I’m sure mainlining that 13-hour long slasher movie over three days had nothing at all to do with my night terror.

I still have plans for this blog that go beyond posting random life updates, but I still haven’t figured out how to balance my personal projects with my paying projects. I keep thinking/hoping that if I hang in there, balance will come. Right now I’m all about building the business and bending over backwards to make my clients happy so they’ll keep being my clients and tell all of their friends and colleagues about me, and so far, that part seems to be working. I hope that we’ll reach a point where they trust me and I’m comfortable enough in my role to devote an hour or two to my own writing and blogging projects without fearing that they’ll feel neglected and take their business elsewhere, and ten to fourteen hour workdays won’t always be the norm. I just need to hang in there. When that day comes, the material here will get more interesting. And the broken background will get fixed, too. Until then… well, random life blather is what blogging was built on, isn’t it?

And now I shall seize this opportunity to go to bed at a decent hour for a change. Good night, moon.