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One for the Awesome Files (and one for the loser section, too ;_;)

In case you missed it, I give you the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Rickroll:

Now nobody has an excuse to not know what Rickrolling is. …which probably means that this meme has breathed its dying breath. Still, how awesome is Rick Astley for having enough of a sense of humor to personally Rickroll the entire nation on live TV? Hee!

I lose at NaNo this year.

I had every intention of buckling down and finishing the novel this weekend, but I kept getting sidetracked by family wanting to spend time with me for some reason. And also wanting to see my house, which meant a few hours of frantic cleaning sucking up my time. I also put up my Christmas decorations, because I just could NOT wait, and I finally cleared out all of the boxes still piled in the living room to make room for our tree. So I win at unpacking: living room category.

We don’t actually have the tree yet. Husband insists on a live one, and since I’ve led an entirely artificial life up til now, I’m game to try something different. Although I suspect that one Christmas of Real Tree vs. Our Cats will send me running in tears back to the arms of artificial simplicity and make Husband a convert to same.

And now I need to rev myself up to write, because I WILL finish the novel this week. Four scenes to go!


Things I am thankful for right now


Meme pretty!


  1. I’ve lost NaNo as much as I’ve won it. That’s life… I think the position of Thanksgiving in the year has much to do with success at NaNo, too.

    • I lost it the first year I tried it (with the same story, heh). To be honest, I think I didn’t really try as hard this year after I realized my story didn’t have 50,000 more words in it, and also since I couldn’t officially win anyway. But I’m on track to finish this week, so YAY!

  2. I did not know what Rickrolling was until I saw this.
    Sorry you didn’t finish before Dec., but think of all the writing you did do.

    • I know. I got over 20,000 done, which was more than I’ve written on it since early summer. I’m just so grateful to be this close to done. I love this story, but I’m so ready to move on to other things.

  3. I used to get pneumonia each winter which was probably started by allergies to our Christmas tree. Once I was diagnosed, out went the real and in came the fake. It was hard to take initially, but I’ve adjusted. It’s really cheaper, easier, and safer with fake. And less messy.

    • Yikes. That’s a fear of mine, what with my hay fever. I’m game to try out a real tree for once, though. Hopefully our air purifier will keep it from killing me.

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