Things I forgot to mention the other day, and some new things

This is over a week late now, but:

Dear Heroes,

Thank you for finally attempting to answer my plea with another fight between Sylar and Peter. However, you fail, because they both still had their shirts on, and Adam was nowhere near, and now he never will be, which I have to say I resent, because these days I’m just in it for the pretty. Please don’t take away any more pretty.

Still yours (grudgingly),

As I’ve mentioned before, Dr. Awesome believes that pretty much every one of my health problems, including my weight, stems from my lack of quality sleep. She’s got me on an elaborate cocktail of meds all aimed at helping me sleep deeper and longer. I think they’re working for the deeper part, but as for the longer, that just wasn’t happening.

So this week I committed myself to making it happen, and that involved some changes. I’m going to the gym after work now, so I don’t have to get up so early, and I’m getting my stuff ready for the next day (laying clothes out, packing lunch, all that fun stuff) when I get home instead of waiting till bed time. I’m also doing yoga before I go to bed. Well, in bed, actually, and I just tried to search for the routine I’ve been doing and couldn’t find it; but it’s pretty relaxing, and I’ve been falling asleep a lot faster since I started doing it.

According to my doctor, if I’m sleeping right, I should drop several pounds. I really hope this new nightly routine does the trick, because I really don’t want to take more pills.

Halloween costume contest today!

…NOT! It got canceled because of corporate meetings. I’m not sure what the logic is behind that, but maybe that’s because my mind is clouded by bitterness at having a decent costume and nowhere to wear it. Grumble grumble.

I guess I could wear it tonight.

Tonight is the first local NaNo meet-up. They’re calling it a write-in, but since we can’t write before November 1st, I’m calling it a meet-up. I think it’s mainly a meet & greet, where we’ll discuss scheduling actual write-ins in November. I promised a carless alleged female person on the regional boards that I’d give her a ride. So let’s all hope nothing nefarious happens to me tonight.

Since I thought I’d be dressing up today anyway, I threw out the suggestion of making tonight’s get-together a costumed gathering (as opposed to a shindig or a hootenanny), but there weren’t any takers. Now I guess if somebody else decided to dress up tonight and just didn’t say they would and then they’re the only one there in costume, they won’t be too happy with me. But at least that loser won’t be me. šŸ˜‰