Dominion of the Damned by Jean Marie Bauhaus

Cover Reveal: Dominion of the Damned (New Edition)

As you may or may not be aware, Dominion of the Damned has been getting an update to bring it more in line with the writing of the sequels (because six years is a long time for one’s writing style to evolve), and the new revised edition will be back on virtual book store shelves […]

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Bound Spirits Cover Reveal and First Chapter!

The release of Bound Spirits is still three months away, but for those of you who are hungry for the next Restless Spirits installment, here’s a look at the cover to wet your whistle. And for an appetizer (…I’m carrying this metaphor too far, aren’t I?) scroll down to read the first chapter!   Chapter […]

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Evolution of a Paranormal Romance Cover

Out of all of my books, the one by far that has gone through the biggest identity crisis is Restless Spirits. It started out as a paranormal fantasy novel, although it’s kind of chick lit, written as it is from the first person POV of a twenty-something woman trying to sort out her afterlife. The cover had a […]

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