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Monday Check-In: Novel Progress & Cutting Big Tech Cords

Hello, friends, and welcome to a new week!

All the chipperness indicated in that exclamation point is an indication that I finally wrote on the novel today, which usually has the effect of making me feel like I kicked some A. I skipped ahead and wrote the ending, so now I’ve got a clear destination in mind. I also revised the rest of the outline to take a less meandering route to get there. Progress!

I’d meant to write a more substantial post for this here blog today, but I’m finally motivated enough to start the process of de-googlifying my life and cleaning up my online footprint as much as possible, along with tightening up security, and hoo boy, is this ever going to be an intricate, drawn-out process. It’s really disturbing when you realize just how deeply these big tech ecosystems are entrenched in your life, especially when you’ve been using them for over a decade. I have a feeling this is going to take weeks. Small steps. It will be worth it to know I’m no longer ho’ing myself and my data out to them.

So apart from my novel, that’s my big project for this week, along with continuing the website renovation. I’ll try to share some resources here later this week if you would like to join me in this journey. If so, drop an affirmative in the comments!

Later, gators!

The Q Game

Happy Saturday! This is just a quick weekend post to share this fascinating article I just stumbled upon, which is highly relevant to what I wrote yesterday:

A Game Designer’s Analysis of Q Anon

I’ll just be over here feeling vindicated in my theory, even if I’m far from the first to come up with it.

Friday Update

Friday Update: Conspiracy Theories, ARGs, Novel Update and Weekend Plans

Happy almost-weekend, friends! We made it all the way through the week without any frightening historical events taking place, at least as far as the U.S. is concerned. It was kind of nice to get a little bit of a respite, although something tells me this is merely the calm before the next big storm.

Despite my resolve and best intentions, I was terrible at staying away from the news this week, but at some point yesterday I started to burn out on it and realized that everything at this point is speculation and rumor and propaganda and nobody really knows anything. What a crazy, turvey-topsey world we’re living in. Interesting times, indeed.

I’ve also been keeping my ear to the rumor mill, partly just to be ready in case any of it turns out to be true and partly out of the fascination you get when you drive by the scene of a bad accident, and… wow. If I ever decide to write a political thriller I’ll have no shortage of fantastic plots to choose from.

Which brings me to my theory about Q and QAnon (if you don’t know what those are, count yourself blessed). I’ve been a casual observer of this whole movement since they made it onto my radar shortly after the lockdowns began. One thing that struck me right away is the similarity between Q and an ARG.

ARG stands for alternate-reality game, a type of game that operates in the real world but is set within a fictional universe, in which the players follow clues and bread crumbs dropped around the internet–and in some cases real-life locales–to solve a mystery. JJ Abrams popularized these games in the late ’00s, starting with games set in the LOST-verse and later expanding to the entire JJ-verse.

For those who are unaware, Q is supposedly a military operation run by a person or persons high up in the government with access to the president, and they are all working together quietly behind the scenes to expose and drain the swamp and all of their corruption, which includes but is not limited to profiting off of child sex trafficking. This entity, so they say, wanted to start a movement and get this information into the hands of the public, and they do so by leaving “drops,” i.e., breadcrumbs and clues, on a message board for its followers — who call themselves QAnon — to parse and act on.

There’s quite a bit more to it than that — like the almost cult-like devotion of QAnon members to Q and the president and their absolute belief that they are our saviors, including a lot of Christians who ought to know better. In spite of all appearances, these true believers are trusting in a Plan that will result in a second term for the current president, busting child trafficking rings wide open and rescuing thousands, if not millions of abused children, and in mass arrests of the corrupt government leaders behind it all, followed by military tribunals to bring them all to justice.

As an admittedly casual observer, I’ve developed a strong suspicion that all of this is, in fact, an elaborate ARG, the players of which are intentionally led to believe that it’s all real and not in actuality an elaborate fiction. Why? I can think of a few reasons. Maybe the actual deep state set it all up to dupe and discredit Trump supporters as crazy and paranoid conspiracy theorists and stir up those within that group who have a less firm grasp on reality combined with a propensity to carry things to the extreme. Or maybe it’s just a group of bored hackers who enjoy screwing with people for kicks.

Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s real and Trump is going to pull off a second term with the help of Q and save freedom and democracy and thousands of children from the clutches of the satanic globalist cabal.

I don’t think so. Mostly because I’m a student of prophecy (and I also read Fate of Empires, and I recommend you do, as well), and these things that are happening in this country seem to be right on schedule. Both Jesus and Paul, as well as Peter and John, told us things would get to this point, that people would be the way they currently are, and also there is no America in end-times prophecies, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that its time has come. And from a Biblical and spiritual standpoint, I believe the true author of this Q phenomenon is the author of lies and confusion, that this is ultimately a spiritual deception designed to distract believers from putting their hope and trust in Christ and, as I fear will happen for some when the “plan” doesn’t pan out, cause them to fall away from the faith.

Again, maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am. I guess we’ll all find out on Inauguration day.

I didn’t plan to write all of that when I sat down here. I was just going to tell you how I spent too much time this week glued to the news, which is one of the reasons I didn’t make much progress on Revolution 2 this week, but not the only reason. Part of it is also because it always turns out that I need a few days off from writing after a long run of article writing. The rest of it is that I just need to let this story simmer a bit and allow time for the movie of it to play out in my mind so I can get some clarity on exactly how to tie everything up and get to the end.

So I didn’t feel like a total slacker, apart from blogging here, I spent some of my non-writing time switching this site over to a new theme and redid the home page. It’s still a work in progress as I ad some more pages, including a page dedicated to my sweet romance pen name, and update outdated info, but I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

I’ll try to get back to the novel on Sunday and get some momentum going again before the Inauguration happens and whatever drama occurs along with it. I’m truly hoping and praying that there will be none, and that things will be peaceful, and that all of the anticipation of something big happening fizzles out into a big nothing. I just want people to be safe, for as long as that remains possible.

In the mean time, I’m going to do my best to turn everything off and take a real break. Outside, the sky keeps spitting snow, and it’s going to be a cold weekend, so I’m going to stay cozy, maybe read a book, and watch the rest of Fellowship of the Ring.

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments. And have a safe, peaceful, restful weekend.

What’s the Goal of the Goal?

Yesterday, I touched on failed New Year’s resolutions and how I’m pressing on with my own resolve to blog here every weekday throughout January even after deliberately skipping a day this week. Because, as I pointed out, even though I set a goal to blog daily, my true goal wasn’t to blog every day — it was to develop a more consistent blogging habit. Posting daily was just my methodology.

Thinking about that, I started to wonder how many people’s failed resolutions are failing simply because they’re putting too much emphasis on methodologies and not on the actual purpose — the true goal of the goal, as it were.

Maybe you resolved this year to eat Paleo, or Keto, or whatever’s currently popular, or you resolved to work out every day, and your resolve to do those things has already petered out and so you’re declaring them failures. But what’s your true purpose behind making those changes? Is it to eat Keto for the sake of eating Keto or to work out for the sake of working out? No — I’m betting your true goal is to move more, eat less junk, and improve your health. The diet and workout plan you chose are simply methodologies to achieve that goal. If those methodologies aren’t working for you, that’s not a failure — it just means you need a new methodology. Or maybe you just need a break. Taking a break from the pursuit of your true goal is permissible. It’s only a failure if you allow it to be.

Before the holidays started, I decided I wanted to memorize the entire Sermon on the Mount (or, as my pastor likes to call it, the Teaching on the Hill) from the Gospel of Matthew. I set a daily goal of committing one verse a day to memory. I made it through the first 18 verses before my momentum petered out, and I haven’t memorized any new verses from that passage since.

I could call it a failure and give up on my project to memorize the whole sermon. Or, I could remember my true goal — to hide God’s word in my heart so I’ll always have it with me — and pick back up where I left off.

This applies to writing, as well. If I judged my success or failure on whether I hit some arbitrary word quota each day, I’d never finish a novel. But since finishing the novel is the actual goal, I always get back after it at some point — sometimes after months of no forward progress. Still, the novels get written. And that’s the main thing.

Are you making the mistake of focusing on methodology instead of purpose? What’s the true goal behind your goal? Figure that out, and it will be a lot easier to stick with it for the long haul. And if you feel like sharing, leave a comment to tell us about it.

Do What You Can, and Trust God for the Rest

Image by Bohdan Chreptak from Pixabay

Yesterday was a full day, and I was also very tired, so I gave myself permission to not blog. Right on schedule, apparently–I heard a statistic this morning that January 12 is the day that most New Year’s resolutions die. Not that I’d made a NYR to blog every day–that was just a goal for this month, to get me back in the habit. And since the purpose was to build a blogging habit, and here I am, picking back up today, it’s all fine. Anyway, carrying on…

The weather turned sunny and warmish yesterday, so we headed outside and into the woods. We hiked to the bottom of the big hill on top of which our house sits, and then back up again, which was quite a workout, and it turns out I needed that as much as I needed the sunshine and time in the woods. I was wheezing a little by the time we made it back to the top, which shows how quickly I’ve gotten out of shape after only two weeks of neglecting my daily walk. At any rate, that little outing was as good for my body as it was for my mind and soul.

With the rest of my day, I finished the big article I’d started on Monday. The thing that took me so long with it was coming up with a thousand words to say on the topic. I tend to write with brevity, which can be a good thing with fiction, but it’s not helpful when I have a minimum word count, especially when that minimum is a thousand words on a topic that can be covered in only 500. After padding the article with as much tangentially-related info as I could come up with, I was still falling short, so it was time to haul out the adverbs. Want to know how to prevent bloat in deep-chested dogs? Ask me, because I’m an expert on it now. Or you can just wait for my unusually verbose, adverb-laden article to come out in a few months.

(But seriously, if you have a deep-chested dog, look into that whole preventing bloat thing, because that’s a serious and potentially deadly problem, and we’ve had quite enough of dogs dying around here, thank you and good day.)

Moving on to something that’s been on my mind lately: after a few years of flirting with homesteading, we’re really wanting to give it a go this year. January is a tough month, because there’s not really much you can do, although we’re doing the things when we can. It’s tempting to get frustrated and worried, because in light of current events, there’s this sense of urgency that everybody’s feeling to get started, and even if you’ve already gotten a good start, it’s easy to feel like you’re behind.

This is not helped by influencers in the homesteading and prepping community, particularly on YouTube, who basically come right out and say that we’re all going to die if we’re not already fully established farmers and field medicine experts and expert marksmen with fully stocked larders who are also experts at canning food and baking bread. I get where they’re coming from — the proverbial S has already HTF, and it’s past time to prep for it. They want to motivate people to get serious and get started. But a lot of times the result of this messaging is that if you’re not moving to the country or starting a prepper commune or growing substantial crops or raising your own livestock and producing your own dairy products or filling your entire basement with canned and dry goods and etc., then it’s hopeless, so why even start?

So I want to encourage you that it’s not hopeless. Should you be prepping for hard times ahead? I believe that would be prudent. Do you have to make prepping and homesteading your life and pour your entire life savings into it? Nah, child. Do you have to get out of the city and do whatever it takes to move to the country? I don’t think that’s a bad idea if you actually can, but it’s just not feasible for everybody, and that doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

A few years ago when I figured out that I can’t do everything and trying to was making me exhausted and sad, I developed a philosophy: do what you can and trust God for the rest. I think that applies here as well. Nobody can do all the things, but everybody can do some of the things. I believe that prepping for hard times — be it illness or job loss, natural disasters, bad weather, a cyber attack on the grid, the government turning on its own citizens, whatever — is wise and responsible and also a Biblical concept. I think doing nothing and hoping to get by on the kindness of strangers or the provision of the government is misguided at best and irresponsible at worst. But I also know that God is my provider and protector. He set things up so that we participate in that provision as much as we’re able, but we don’t have to fear when we lose the ability or our contributions fall short. He’s not going to let us starve to death because our attempts at growing and preserving our own food were insufficient for the challenges we’re facing.

Do what you can and trust God for the rest. Don’t let the influencer scare tactics scare you right out of even getting started. Start with the basics you need to live — clean water, food, and a way to cook said food and stay warm if you lose power. Mary’s Nest is a great YouTube channel for this — she has a very encouraging, very soothing, and very doable playlist of videos showing you how to get started stocking your prepper pantry on a small budget.

It’s another warmish day, so I’m hoping to get outside some more this afternoon, and also to make some substantial progress on Revolution 2.

Any good prepping or homesteading resources to add? Tips for getting started? Drop them in the comments — or just leave a note to say hi and tell me how you’re doing.


Monday Check-in: Hobbits, Writing Plans and Bracing for What’s Ahead

One of the problems with committing to blogging daily is coming up with something worthwhile to blog about eacy day. This problem is compounded when, immediately after making said commitment, you get handed a slew of articles to write. Not that I’m complaining about the paying work — far from it. But it’s kept me from being able to give as much thought to these here blog posts as I would have liked.

I’ve got one more article to finish, and then I’ll be able to put some real time and thought into these daily posts. Until then, I’m afraid you’re stuck with bland life blather, if you’re actually here to read this. Of course, if I wanted to start writing about politics and current events, I’d have a whole litany of things to say, but considering the current political climate, now doesn’t seem like a prudent time to start delving into all of that.

Anyway, I got the rest I needed this weekend, although I wasn’t able to keep myself away from the news as I’d intended. But I did get a lot of prayer in, and spent a lot of time in the book of 1 Peter, which I highly recommend if you’re a Christian who is worried about the state of the world, as it’s basically a field guide for Believers living in a hostile and perilous culture.

We also finished Battle of the Five Armies and then started Fellowship of the Ring. I’d never seen Five Armies, so it was nice to finally complete that trilogy. I also confess that I’ve also never actually read all of The Hobbit, which I’m sure loses me significant geek cred, but my husband tells me that the book and the movie trilogy have very few things in common. At any rate, I enjoyed Five Armies once it got past the middle lull following the (spoiler alert) death of Smaug and picked up again, and as endings go, I thought it had a stronger ending than Return of the King, although overall I think the original LotR trilogy is far superior to the prequels. In any case, I’ve moved The Hobbit up to the top of my TBR list for this year.

Now that we’re faced with another Monday, and life and work must both go on despite democracy dying in darkness, I’m turning my attention to what I hope to get done this week. That includes finishing and submitting the previously mentioned article and then turning my attention to this blog and coming up with some more thoughtful content. It also includes devoting more time each day to Revolution 2 and building momentum that will carry me through to the end. I may send out an update to my author mailing list later this week, and I’ve been wanting to sit down and come up with a plan for Facebook that will let me engage more there without it eating up too much of my time.

I’ve got just enough time in my work day to squeeze in a quick word sprint on the novel, so I’d best get to it. While I do, leave a comment and share what you’re tackling this week.

Friday Update

Friday Update: Writing Progress, Another Giveaway, and Weekend Plans

Welp, we made it through the first full week of 2021. And what a week. 2020 is sitting on the bench, holding this year’s beer and looking impressed.

Anyhow, I managed to keep going all week despite all of the distractions, a feat for which I’m giving myself a pat on the back. I finished two freelance articles, kept my commitment to blog every day, and also managed to add a few thousand words to the novel. All that while managing to keep our house in decent order, along with help from Mr. B. The only thing I slacked off on this week was exercise, mainly because it’s been cold and dark and that triggers my instinct to cocoon inside blankets and move as little as possible. We did get out and rake leaves on Tuesday, though, so I wasn’t a total sloth.

Aside from all of the political craziness and managing to be consistent with my writing all week, the highlight of this week was getting a big bouquet of roses and a sympathy note from, which you can read more about over at my pet blog. Oh! And before I forget, you can grab a free copy of Desolation, the first book in my Dominion trilogy, in the January Book Bash over on My Book Cave. While you’re there, enter to win a $30 ebook gift card!

As for Revolution 2, I’m still on that big chapter I mentioned in Monday’s post, but I’m making decent progress on it. Once my article writing is out of the way for a while, I’ll be able to work on it for more than twenty minutes a day. I’ve still got to squeeze in today’s sprint, but after that I’m done for the weekend. This has been an exhausting week already, and I need a break. Tomorrow I’m planning to stay offline, ignore the news, and spend a lot of time with my Bible, praying for this country. Last weekend we started marathoning the Hobbit trilogy, but didn’t have time to finish, so hopefully tomorrow’s agenda also includes watching the rest of Five Armies, which I have never seen.

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me in the comments!


Some Thoughts About the Current State of Things

Image by Taylor Burnett from Pixabay

I mentioned in Monday’s post how one of the hallmarks of 2020 was constantly battling the feeling of cognitive dissonance from watching plots of dystopian sci-fi and horror movies from my youth play out in real life. Yesterday and this morning, I’m experiencing that feeling in spades.

Having grown up with a narcissistic parent, I’ve learned well how to recognize when I’m being gaslit, manipulated, bullied, and outright lied to. Things in our nation and culture have devolved to such a point that this is now happening daily, on both sides. Those who report and commentate on the news seem to be divided into those who are knowingly participating in the lying and gaslighting and those who are naive and deceived enough to go along with the narrative. It’s hard to know what, or who, to believe, and right now I feel like nobody’s telling the whole truth.

Just an aside: another hallmark of narcissists and psychopaths is projection — that is, accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of in order to deflect blame away from themselves. In my observations, the people who shout the loudest accusations are usually the most guilty of those things which they’re accusing others of doing or thinking. Narcopaths always tattle on themselves. Never forget that.

At any rate, I don’t know what to think about the events that unfolded yesterday, or what to believe. I do know, now that the dust has settled a bit, that the events at the Capitol disrupted the proceedings just in time to prevent Cruz and Hawley, et al, from formally making their protests, and put an end to all debate about the veracity of the election outcome. Upon reflection, it seems like the only ones who benefited from those shenanigans were Biden and the Left. If it was indeed Trump supporters who led the charge, they undermined everything their side claimed to desire and destroyed all future hopes of a political future for the President as well as ensuring that, at best, no one will ever take their side seriously again, and at worse, that all Trump supporters will be branded as crazies and terrorists.

I want to share two videos for your consideration, and I suggest you watch them quickly before they’re removed. The first is only a minute long. I’m not sure who this guy is or where the footage was obtained, or even if he’s telling the truth, but I don’t find his claims hard to believe.

The second is longer, around 45 minutes, but I urge you to make time to watch it. I find this woman extremely credible and, as crazy as everything she’s saying would have sounded a year ago, after 2020, it’s all completely believable to me.

(Update: YouTube already took the second video down. I’ve replaced it with a copy from Vimeo. If that should disappear as well, here’s a link to watch it on Bitchute.)

Like I told my husband last night, life in our present age feels a lot like how it felt growing up with an alcoholic narcissist — never able to relax, always bracing for the next crazy thing, never sure what to believe, wondering if I’m the one who’s crazy.

And yet, through it all, I have a deep, abiding sense of peace. I have peace because, in the midst of all the lying and gaslighting, I have the objective, absolute truth of God’s word as an anchor. I know that the Creator of the universe is sovereign over all of His creation, that He installs governments, raises up their leaders and removes them as He sees fit. I know that He has a plan, and that His plans always prevail, and that nothing happens that He doesn’t allow, and that He works ALL things together for ultimate good, and in the end, nobody’s going to get away with anything.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. –Romans 8:28 (NASB)

We can’t trust our media, we can’t trust our government, and we can’t trust our politicians. Put your trust in God, and in Jesus Christ his Son. They will never fail you.

A Quick Update, and All the Praise Hands Emojis for Sunshine!

Today is a busy one. We seized the nice weather to get outside and make a dent in the leaves that are piled everywhere, and I’ve got some paid writing lined up for this week, so I’ll have to keep this short. But first, can I just take a moment to lift up praise hands for 50+ degree weather in the first week of January? Today is beautiful, and just two days ago we had snow (which was a different kind of beautiful, but not so great for my seasonal affective disorder). It felt great to get outside and get some sunshine and work up a sweat.

I just got an alert that we’re under a winter storm watch, so maybe we’ll get more snow tonight. Sure glad I was able to soak up some sun today.

So how about a quick progress report? I’ve been squeezing in sprints where I can and it’s already adding up. I’m already several pages into what I think is going to be my last big chapter/scene of Revelation Part Two. Scanning the outline yesterday, it looks like once I’m past this, the rest is just a series of shorter scenes leading up to the end. I’m not putting a timeline on finishing, and I don’t want to mention being optimistic about tying up this draft by a certain date in case the powers that be decide to go out of their way to quash my optimism, but… it’s getting there. It’s close enough to the end that all my other (non-blogging, non-freelance) projects are on hold until it’s done.

Speaking of freelance writing, I’d best get to it. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Do you love snow, or is sunshine your lifeline during these dark, cold months?

Happy New Year?

Well, here we are. It’s the first Monday of 2021, and time to get back to work. I hope this post finds you rested up and that you at least had a peaceful holiday season, even if it wasn’t quite what you hoped it would be.

Normally, I would use my first post of a new year to reflect on the previous year, but I think we’re all in agreement that the sooner we move on from 2020, the better. Still, it wasn’t all bad, at least in our little pocket of the rural South, where folks go about their lives and business in a manner that would let you forget there’s a pandemic if you didn’t turn on the TV, look at the internet, or drive to town and try to enter Walmart without a mask. You know it’s not a good year when you measure your success by how much you didn’t lose rather than how much you gained, but while we lost some work, we still had enough coming in to get us by, which is more than a lot of people can say, and while we were heartbroken to lose our beloved Chihuahua, Pete, we didn’t lose any human loved ones, which is also more than too many people can say. We’re among the fortunate, and though the year was hard, it’s important to acknowledge that.

Apart from our dog’s drawn-out illness and passing, and apart from watching the devolution of our society and liberty and battling the cognitive dissonance of witnessing plots of horror movies I grew up watching play out in real life, the most frustrating thing about last year was that not a single one of my professional plans or goals panned out. The year started out great — I had my best ever month in terms of writing and freelancing income in March, right before the lockdowns started to impact the freelancing world, but then it was all downhill from there. I didn’t finish a single big writing project and had to settle for publishing half a novel just so I could say I published something that year. My one comfort is that I’m not alone. You would think that being stuck at home for long periods would be a writer’s dream come true, but a lot of writers complained that they struggled to get anything written last year.

But like I said, it wasn’t all bad. In 2020 I learned a lot, and grew a lot, and I’ll be sharing more about that in coming weeks. For now, I’m entering into 2021 with cautious optimism, at least on the professional front, and I’m doing things a little different this year. After setting big goals last year and overloading myself with projects only to burn out early, this year I’m not making any big plans or setting any big goals, but taking a more measured and streamlined approach. Rather than focusing on completion, I’m focusing on consistency, on getting back into the habit of simply showing up. Rather than saying, “I’m going to finish this book, gosh durnit!” I’m just doing my best to write a little bit on it each day.

One thing I started last year that was going well was that I started streamlining my online presence and workspace, and that’s something I want to continue working on in the new year. I’ve already discontinued posting on Instagram thanks to their new, abhorrent TOS (I’m not rushing to delete my accounts, but taking a wait-and-see approach to see what happens with the antitrust lawsuit and whether Facebook ends up having to sell off Instagram and if that will improve things there) and, other than the occasional automated post and the most basically necessary professional usage, I no longer use Twitter. I’m still dithering about Facebook — I really hate having anything to do with that platform, but it’s too useful to give up entirely. I launched a separate blog for my new clean romance pen name, but then never updated it, so I’m going to merge that here and just have a section on this website for that brand, and I’ll be moving my Broke Author stuff here, too. I think. Maybe. Anyway, I still have my separate mailing lists for each pen name, but I’m thinking about doing one big monthly newsletter to keep all of my subscribers in the loop. I’m still figuring this out, but I think this website is going to get revamped (again) and focus more on me as a professional person with many interests and irons in the fire and less on HERE ARE MY URBAN FANTASY BOOKS PLEASE BUY THEM THANK YOU.

But after spending the last week evaluating what’s been getting in my way, a few things are clear. One is that I need to stay away from places and platforms that suck me into endlessly scrolling and not actually doing things, and also from places and platforms that make me feel like I or my life is not enough (coincidentally, those happen to be the same platforms). I need to cut out the things that aren’t going anywhere or bearing any good fruit. And I need to seriously limit my exposure to the news. Not completely, because I think that would be foolish, but enough that it’s not stealing my peace or keeping me distracted from living my life.

At any rate, with all of that in mind, what I’m really hoping for is to be able to build my own community around this blog and my aforementioned newsletter. To that end, for the rest of this month I’m challenging myself to blog every week day, in order to get back into a consistent blogging habit (I haven’t chosen a word for this year, but if I did, it would probably be “consistency”). Mostly that will be here, but a few of those posts might end up on my pet blog, which is the one thing I’m still going to keep separate.

I’ve got other hopes for this year, and they mostly have to do with things like chickens and gardening and travel and learning useful life skills and surviving the End of Days. I’m sure I’ll talk about some of that in the coming weeks and months, but for now, these are the things I’m working on in the professional arena, in case you were wondering.

How are you approaching this new year? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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