Eight(ish) Questions About Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Or, Jean is thinking way too much about this show (minor spoilers through Episode 10):

1. Seriously, Katrina? Who makes a doll like that for a baby? Even for a Revolutionary-era witch, that’s just creepy.

2. What kind of Sunday school did Abbie go to where they teach about golems? Oh, wait–this is Sleepy Hollow. So, probably one taught by secret witches.

3. Can John Noble please be a series regular?

4. Okay, wait — I thought Abbie worked for the Sheriff’s department, but now it’s the state police? But, wasn’t Clancy Brown the sheriff? And Abbie was a deputy? And everybody except Orlando Jones wore uniforms? And now everybody’s plain-clothes? Okay, that’s several questions, but this is the most confusing law enforcement agency ever.

5. Can you production guys maybe take a page from Peter Jackson and start doing forced perspective if you want Abbie to look taller? I’m afraid girl’s gonna break something teetering around on those 5-inch heels.

6. But man, she’s tiny (not really a question, but… she’s really little).

7. Is Ichabod ever going to get to change his clothes? How is he not stinky? Does he rinse out his clothes every night and hang them up to dry? (Okay, that’s three questions.)

8. Seriously, though… can’t he just have a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt or something to change into? He can keep the coat and boots. I mean, he was buried for 200 years in that outfit. I’m not sure rinsing it out would help.