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Eight(ish) Questions About Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Or, Jean is thinking way too much about this show (minor spoilers through Episode 10):

Doctor Who Season Finale

I have a hard time writing coherently about episodes I love of shows I love, because mostly I’m all with the squee. This time is no different, so I’m just going to put some random reactions behind the cut.

Pin of the Day

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Who’s That Girl?

I’m getting some head shots taken today. Li’l Sis owes me some free pictures for doing her web site last year, so when I asked her if she had any decent candid shots of me that I could use on my new bio page, she offered to do a head shot session instead (and to buy me sushi for a belated birthday lunch, which, YAY! But I digress).

I’m feeling some anxiety about it, and not just because I’m carrying some extra weight in my face right now. Nor is it because last night I decided to trim the bangs I’d been growing out for the past several months and made a complete disaster of it — though come to think of it, neither of those things is helping. But mostly, it’s because these pictures are supposed to be a representation of who I am, or at least who I want to present to potential clients; and I really have no idea who that is right now.

Geek Video of the Week

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Don’t you like how I added “of the Week” as though this is a regular feature here or something? Well, maybe now it is! Goodness knows I sure see enough geeky vids to make it a weekly feature. Daily, even, but I don’t have that kind of time.

This isn’t just your average fan vid, though. Geek worlds and girl-crushes collide as Jed Whedon produces and directs this music video promoting The Guild, starring the lovely Felicia Day and the rest of the Guild cast, with a cameo by Maurissa Tancharoen (a.k.a. The Asian Whedon). You will never look at Vi the Vampire Slayer the same way again.

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