Going Camping

Project: Radium Town, the Steampunk Weird West adventure set in my hometown of Claremore, Oklahoma at the dawn of statehood and starring Will Rogers.

Writing stage: Research, world building and plotting.

What got done: Yesterday, nada, which was why I didn’t post an update. Matt and I spent the bulk of the day touring Woodward Park and the Tulsa Garden Center so he could get in some photography practice and build his portfolio (you can check out some of the highlights on my Instagram feed — those were taken by me with my crappy phone camera). He keeps using me as a test model for portrait shots, and hopefully one of these days it will be warm enough and I’ll be dressed cute enough and have my hair and makeup done well enough to get some usable author photos out of it.

Today I signed up for Camp Nanowrimo. The summer camp version lets you set your own goal, so I’m aiming for 30,000, which means I have to write at least 1,200 words a day, and I get Sundays off, as well as my birthday. Really, I don’t have a lot of prep left to do. I could flesh out a few more character bios, but I’m ready to start writing this thing. I’m just biding my time until April 1st.

UFYH: After I sign off of here I’ll go start a load of laundry. Woo.

Later: I have an Indie Spotlight article that I need to post later today, and Sasha has to go back to the vet for a check-up. And I need to try to wrap up a client project. Nothing too terribly exciting.