State of the Goals – Week 2


It only took two and a half days for the combination of the cats and my uncomfortable office chair to drive me back out to the living room couch. I’m not giving up on the office yet. I think sharing my office with the cats (it’s where we keep the litter boxes, so shutting the girls out for more than an hour at a time isn’t really an option; and no, we can’t figure out a better place to keep them) would probably be more tolerable if I had a chair that didn’t give me a backache after only an hour of sitting in it. So “new office chair” is moving to the top of the list of things to buy when we have some cash to burn.

Meanwhile, working in the living room isn’t nearly so distracting since Husband’s classes started back up and he’s spending most of his time in HIS office doing homework instead of out here flipping channels on daytime TV and trying to carry on conversations about current events while I’m trying to work. So there’s that. Even so, I’m harboring fantasies of erecting a Tiny House in the backyard to be my office and Quiet Place. That’s a more far-off solution than a new chair, but a girl can dream.

About the only goal I’ve managed to meet consistently all week has been getting up earlier. Even then, my clients have kept me so busy this week that I’ve still had to work late a few nights, and my share of the housework just isn’t happening before the weekend. I wrote a few Demand Studios articles early in the week, but with so many client projects on my slate, I haven’t had the time or the need to do any more. And I’ve had to limit the amount of time spent on my novel in the mornings, so I’m two chapters behind where I wanted to be by now. Still, excepting yesterday when a memorial for my uncle left me with no time for unpaid projects, I’ve been working on it every day, so that’s something to feel good about.

So my scheduling this week might not have worked out exactly as I’d hoped, but all in all it’s been a productive and profitable week. What more can a freelancer ask for?

What say you, my fellow Goalies?