Goal Post: Week 3

I’m running behind this week, thanks to an entire day lost to trying to figure out a problem in WordPress and making no progress. I’ve actually been trying to figure out for several days now why the blog page I set up only shows the content of a single post, with no title, date, permalinks or comment links. I spent all day on it yesterday, which ended in tears of frustration, and I finally posted the problem on the WordPress help forums, so hopefully some kind WP guru will come to my rescue. I really need to get this project done so I can wipe this site and get started on another client’s WordPress site that’s currently waiting in the wings. And naturally, I didn’t earn any money for my troubles, because I refuse to charge the client for time wasted by my own ineptitude. A total waste, that was my Monday. I hope yours was more productive.

Anyhoo, how’s about we discuss some goals for this week? Really, my main goal is to fix this broken blog and get this project off of my plate so I can focus on new ones. If I can do that I will consider this week a win.

Otherwise, I need to work on organizing my time better and putting in six to eight hours a day on PAID activity. I don’t really understand how this keeps failing to happen, but it does. By my math, eight hours of sleep leaves eight hours each for work and other stuff. It feels like I spend way more than eight hours a day on work, and way less on other stuff, and yet when I check my billable hours at the end of the day I usually haven’t put in that many.

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong. I need to spend this week and next figuring out what that wrong thing is and correcting it, because come the end of the month my unemployment year will end I won’t have that as a cushion anymore to make up for my slack-arsed ways. I’m going to need a bare minimum of six solid billable hours every weekday in order to make ends meet. I have the work. I just need the time management skills. So that’s obviously the priority for the rest of the month, to the detriment of my writing and personal goals.

Except for exercise. I need to make myself make time to get up and move, because my brain needs it as much as my body does. And I haven’t been doing so well in that area lately. Which shouldn’t be a problem, if I can find those eight hours that should be left over after I’m done with my work.

What’s your Goliath this week, my fellow goalies?

PS – I also have a goal to catch up on comments. Just as soon as I find those extra eight hours.