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This Old Haunt now on Scribd!

After some feedback that it’s hard to read or print the story on the This Old Haunt blog, I went ahead and converted the whole shebang into a PDF e-book and published it on The e-book version costs $3.00, and once you pay you can access the entire story to read on the site or download a printable PDF copy. There’s no Creative Commons box to check under the copyright options, but the CC license still applies. And of course, if $3.00 is too rich for your blood, you can still read it here, totally free of charge. Just use the labels in the sidebar to navigate between chapters.

Click here to get This Old Haunt on Scribd!


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  1. Wonderful story. I love your writing style. And I’d like to think, nay – I’m totally owning, that your learned about Burning Man from me! 😉

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