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Restless Spirits Now Available on Smashwords

Restless SpiritsVeronica Wilson wakes up dead and discovers she’s in for the fight of her life. A paranormal investigator in life, Ron is setting up for a ghost hunt in the spookiest house in town when she finds herself the one being hunted. Now she’s trapped in the house along with a bevy of other ghosts — including an axe-murderess and the family she killed, an old man who just wants to go be with his wife, and a handsome handyman whose past seems more haunted and mysterious than the house they’re imprisoned in — all of them victims of a malevolent, murderous spirit. Refusing to accept this as her afterlife, Ron rallies the other ghosts to gang up on their captor and fight for their freedom. But how does a ghost fight a monster who can devour souls–especially when that monster has red pigtails and freckles and is cute as a button?

Restless Spirits is now available for preview and purchase on Smashwords. If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, it allows you to download the book for just about any device, or you can just read it online. You can also read an excerpt free of charge.

I’ve run into technical difficulties trying to upload it to the Kindle store, but it will be available there as well once I get the bugs worked out.

This Old Haunt: New Title, New Cover

This weekend I’m planning to buckle down and make some headway on getting This Old Haunt ready for publication. In the meantime, since TOH was never intended to be more than a working title, and since the cover I created for the Scribd version two years ago doesn’t really accurately reflect the book’s romantic-comedic tone (and was also just bad), I redid them both, which resulted in this:

Some notes:

  • I toyed with a few different titles, including borrowing from myself (and Buffy) and calling it Something Other Than Dead; I also considered just Restless (another Buffy nod) and Restless Souls. But I think Restless Spirits fits the story best, and gives it that slightly playful vibe. I worried over it a little because there are a couple of books with that title already in the Kindle store, but their genres are different enough that I think I’m good.
  • For the longest time I was fixated on having a depiction of Sarah’s red ball on the cover, but that was when I was still telling myself that this was a horror story. When I got over myself and admitted that it’s not really that horrific, and that it is, in fact, a romance novel, I was able to broaden my image search parameters. I’m pretty happy with this picture. The model is close enough to the description of my protag, and she’s slightly ethereal and come-hither without being too on-the-nose ghostly.
  • I think I’ve decided that I’ll be going with Jean Marie Bauhaus for romance and stories that appeal primarily to women, and J. M. Bauhaus for my slightly more masculine works.


This Old Haunt now on Scribd!

After some feedback that it’s hard to read or print the story on the This Old Haunt blog, I went ahead and converted the whole shebang into a PDF e-book and published it on The e-book version costs $3.00, and once you pay you can access the entire story to read on the site or download a printable PDF copy. There’s no Creative Commons box to check under the copyright options, but the CC license still applies. And of course, if $3.00 is too rich for your blood, you can still read it here, totally free of charge. Just use the labels in the sidebar to navigate between chapters.

Click here to get This Old Haunt on Scribd!

One of these things is not like the other: macabre surprises, police apathy, and this week’s goals

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I just posted Episode 8 of This Old Haunt, in which Ron learns her true feelings and Sarah shows her true colors.


If you were following my Twitter stream last night, then you already know about the disturbing discovery I made yesterday while picking up trash in my front yard. We live on the corner of a busy arterial street, just a few blocks down from some pretty unsavory apartments, the kind that has been on the news for gang-related activities, and where we can hear gunshots fired on a fairly regular basis. The sidewalk running along our yard sees a lot of foot traffic, and I’m constantly having to pick up trash that people toss on our lawn. I’ve never found anything worse than broken beer bottles and cigarette butts, until yesterday.

This Old Haunt Update

Just posted Episode 7 of This Old Haunt, in which Ron and her sister finally have a conversation of sorts.

This Old Haunt Update

Just updated This Old Haunt with Episode Six, in which Ron encounters a new mystery, learns a new dance, discovers a new skill, and sees Joe in a new light. Not necessarily in that order. 


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