It can’t be a mere coincidence that cat rhymes with brat.

It has been a tiring week, dear readers, mainly thanks to my own biology sapping me of energy and giving me aches and pains for the last three days. When I found myself with some downtime between client projects, I was initially jazzed to have time to work on my own projects. Projects like setting up the template I created for I Made This! and getting that blog up and running, and redesigning this blog (especially since the background graphics for the template I’m currently using keep disappearing), and re-stocking and re-launching my Etsy shop, and making some promotional materials for The Task Wrangler, and of course novel revisions, and… and… wow, there’s always an and. It really is a never-ending list. Which is why I’m mildly annoyed with myself for choosing to neglect it in favor of lazing about and napping as much as possible. But only mildly so. My body apparently needed the rest, and I’m sure I’d regret it even more if I didn’t listen and give in to its not-so-subtle request.

But that window of opportunity has closed, and it’s time to get back to work. I spoke with one of my clients this morning and now I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for the next few days. Husband and I were considering driving way out to the country to join his extended family on their private campgrounds this weekend, but he’s not feeling so great, either, and neither of us can muster up the energy to pack for the trip, never mind the actual camping part. They’ll be there all week through next weekend, though, so there’s plenty of time for us to catch up with them. And so I’ll be working through the weekend to makeup for all the lounging I did through the week.

Now it’s time for the New Cat Report: Boudica is settling in, but she’s at the point where she’s testing boundaries and asserting her true personality, and it turns out she’s a bit of a brat. She’s still mostly sweet and obedient with me, but she’s turned on Husband a couple of times, and she keeps challenging his authority to the point where he’s pretty exasperated. She also keeps trying to get outside. She made it last night, when we lingered too long in the open patio doorway while bringing food in from the grill, and made a break for freedom. I caught her just before she tried to go under the fence. I need to get a collar on her ASAP.

So between her willfulness, and the fact that Niblet’s barely eating since Boudica joined us, we’re having second thoughts on whether she’s a permanent part of this family. We’re still looking for her original owner, but so far, nobody appears to be looking for her, and obviously we’ll foster her until a new home is found, if it comes to that, and if we can keep her from running away before then. Though I suspect that after another week or so, she’ll get used to the rules and routine, Niblet will come out of hiding and start eating again, and Husband will decide that maybe she belongs with us after all. This is just an adjustment period, which we knew wouldn’t be easy. Other than all that, she’s gaining weight and looking healthy and content.

And now the time has come to stop talking at you, drink up my last cup of coffee for the day, and get my work head on straight. I have a lot to get done before it cools down enough this evening to mow my jungle of a lawn. What about you guys? Are you also conquering work this weekend, yard or otherwise, or do you have something fun planned? Or are you just going to relax? Tell me, I want to know!

[Originally posted at Daydream Believer.]