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So first I decided to self-publish, and then I decided to revive my LJ as the place to talk about it, and about writing, and all the stuff that I originally created this journal for in the first place but then got sidetracked. And this is the first time I’ve ever noticed that “sidetracked” looks a lot like an anagram of “distracted.” All you need to do is swap out a T for a K and add another E. Huh.

ANYWAY. I’m back. And I’m going to be giving this journal some much needed TLC, including an upgrade and updating my icons and whatnot (oh how I’ve missed LJ icons!) and trying to make time to be part of the community again.

I’m still blogging about personal stuff at Daydream Believer. I waffled a lot on the decision whether to move back here, or just keep the writing stuff there, or take it someplace else entirely. But I realized that if I start inviting people to visit my blog for writing and publishing talk, I’ll start feeling self-conscious and start censoring myself, and then that won’t be my safe, non-judgmental place to talk about the hard stuff anymore, and I really need to cling to that outlet and keep it separate. I don’t know yet whether this is an interim solution or whether this is going to be my permanent “author blog.” I know I’m going to need an author web site at some point (and really can’t wait to add one of those to my web design portfolio), but that’s down the road a bit. For now I just need space to talk about the process.

I’m sorry I left, LJ. I still love you. We both knew I’d be back eventually.


Okay, well. I’m not completely satisfied with my new layout, but I think I’m content to leave it as is for the weekend and leave off any further tweaking till Monday.

Now, I am going to go home and get the sleep that Batman deprived me of last night. Hopefully, I’ll get it together and write this weekend. Hopefully.

Happy weekend, folks.

I has a LiveJournal novel

Or at least I will, when it’s finished, but you can go ahead and friend it now if you’d like to read the cleaned-up version:

Friend it, link it, help me generate buzz. These three things would be muchly, muchly appreciated.

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