Indie Spotlight: Fangirl by Jill Robi

The election has thrown off my whole week, so Other Writer Wednesday has become Other Writer Thursday this week. This week, the indie spotlight is on my good friend Jill Robi and her debut novel, Fangirl. The official description:

A groundbreaking novel of pop fic/chick lit, Jill Robi’s Fangirl is a fictionalized non-fiction, and a book that all fangirls should read.

A young woman named Khloe discovers the world of sci-fi and fantasy at conventions and meets the man of her dreams. The only trouble is, he’s a well known actor and inaccessible. With him on a platform and her amongst the crowd, will she be able to find love?

Good writers write what they know, and Jill knows fandom. She’s a regular at conventions and her intimate knowledge with this world shows in her writing. Fangirl is a must-read for fangirls and fanboys alike, convention-goers, and anyone who enjoys seeing stereotypes get demolished. Get the e-book here, or click here to get it in paperback.

Jill Robi is a Chicago native with a BA in Literary Arts from Columbia Chicago. She writes first and foremost for her own entertainment. By sharing her work with the world, she hopes to achieve the entertainment of others as well. Learn more about Jill at her website, read her blog, and don’t forget to like her Facebook page!