The Dresden Files: Ghost Story

Dresden Files Ghost Story

I FINALLY read this book (seriously, y’all, sometimes I almost want to quit writing just so I’ll have more time in my life for reading, which is not easy to come by as it is). It was an enjoyable read, as always, with lots of tugging at the heart strings and wanting to give Harry a big ol’ hug. The ending was pretty much exactly what I expected, although I kept wondering throughout the book how it was going to end up there, and although unsurprising it definitely set up some interesting dynamics for the continuation of the series. I don’t really have anything to add by way of review, just some fan-girl babble that I will place behind a cut because it is somewhat spoilery and also, fan-girl babble.

Mouse, you guys! I was worried about him through the whole book, and when he finally showed up toward the end I lost it. That was the only part that brought me to full-on tears. It was exactly like on LOST when Michael and the others came back with the Tailies and Vincent was all “O HAI YOU’RE MY FAMILY AND I LOVE YOU AND I MISSED YOU AND I LOVE YOU DON’T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!” and I was all “Doggie missed his daddy waaaah!!!” Except this was even worse, because Mouse is intelligent and understands everything that’s going on and he had all of his big doggie emotions mixed up with his supernatural sense of duty and he understood that Harry wasn’t ever (as far as he knew) coming back and he had Harry’s daughter to protect and oh my goodness it’s like the toys and Andy saying goodbye in Toy Story 3 and I’m crying again right now, you guys. I just can’t take this emotional dog stuff. Or toy stuff, apparently. Phew.