In Lieu Of An Actual Blog Post, Here Are My Plans For This Week

It will be at least Tuesday before I have time to sit down and write up some real posts for this week, so in the interest of filling this space with some sort of fresh content, here’s my To Do list for the week:

  • Go see Newt Gingrich. This is happening Monday (it’s probably happening as you read this — either that or I’m in the bathroom getting ready for it. Yay for post scheduling!). Is this a rally? None of the news articles called it a rally, so I don’t think so. At any rate, this will be my first time to go see a presidential candidate and hear what he has to say in person. Should be interesting.
  • Craft a proposal for a potential new client. Oh, the exciting and glamorous life of a freelance web designer.
  •  Gussy up my Facebook timeline, and create an official Author page. I finally have enough people who have friended me there because of my books to justify a page. And then maybe my real life friends and family will stop getting shut out of my news feed and I’ll actually know what’s going on.
  • Write some blog posts, yes.
  • Edit Dominion, which ought to go without saying, but if I say it I’m more likely to do it.
  • Solicit some more guest posts and interviews so I can revive the Indie Author Spotlight feature (drop a comment if you’d like to be featured).
  • Redo Matilda’s habitat.
  • Make some deodorant.
Normally my weekly To Do list is a lot longer than this, but I want to leave room to get started on that client project in case my proposal gets accepted. Either way, I’m sure it will get added to faster than it gets crossed off, which is usually what happens.
What are your plans this week? Any major plans or Must Accomplish items?