Progress Report

I started forgetting to keep track of my daily word count around the end of last week, but I made a lot of progress on Dominion over Memorial Day weekend, and I’ve been consistently beating my 250 Words a Day Challenge goal since then. I’m on the verge of hitting 30,000 words, which I thought would be about a third of the book, but I keep revising the outline and now I think it’s closer to one-fourth done. I’m not even finished with the second section, and there are two more to go. But at least it’s coming along.

I’m currently still reading my way through Restless Spirits and making revision notes. I had hoped to finish the read-through and get started on revising over the weekend, but Husband had a case of cabin fever from our chronic home-bodiness and wanted to get out of the house. We ended up making two trips to Gardner’s Used Books, and replacing most of the books we got rid of during our big spring cleaning and de-cluttering spree. So much for having uncrowded bookshelves. At least now I have plenty of stuff to read, if I ever find the time for any of it.

ANyway, I’m pretty sure I need to rewrite the first couple of chapters of RS, because they’re pretty draggy and provide more backstory than I think is strictly necessary. Otherwise, I think the book’s in pretty good shape, aside from making sure it does a better job of answer a couple of questions raised by my beta readers. I’m hoping to have it ready to go in about two weeks. Which in Jean time probably translates to about another month in Reality time. I’m so bad at underestimating how long it will take me to get something done.

And speaking of Husband, he finally started his beta-read of Hungry Child. So hopefully I’ll hear from him and the other readers soon, and then I can whip that story into its final draft and get it formatted for publishing. I can’t decide whether I prefer to release it before or after Restless, but I’m not sure it really matters, so I’ll probably just publish them in the order that they’re ready. Which hopefully won’t be too much longer, in either case.