A Very Bauhaushold Christmas

[Cross-posted to Daydream Believer]

We had already decided to stay home for Christmas. The original plan was to go to my mom’s house, but I realized that it’s hard enough for us to be around babies and small children right now without having to force Christmas cheer on top of it. I know I have to get over that some time, not the least of which because I love and miss my wee nieces and nephews; but neither of us had any desire to spend Christmas day pretending to be happy when the constant reminder of what we lost meant we were both dying a little inside. And so, we didn’t have to suffer disappointment when we ended up being snowed in on Christmas day, anyway.

It was a lovely, peaceful day. I woke up before Matt and spent the morning in quiet reflection as I read the accounts in Matthew and Luke of Christ’s birth and the events leading up to it. It was nice to be able to take the time out and remember what the day was really about, instead of rushing to get out the door. Then, after a prayer of gratitude, I fired up A Christmas Story and settled in to wait for Matt to get up.

Once he did, it was present time. First we gave the pets their stocking goodies, and much cuteness abounded:

Then it was the hoomans’ turn. Even though we had pretty much stuck to each others’ Amazon wish lists this year, I still managed to surprise Matt with some Clark bars (he’d been craving them recently and we haven’t been able to find any around here), and he surprised me with a cook book I’d wish listed over a year ago and then forgot about. He also got me a couple of books I’ve been dying to read, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which, YAY!

After that, it was decision time: we’d bought advanced tickets to a late afternoon showing of Sherlock Holmes, but that was before our yard turned into Planet Hoth:


So between the dangers of getting eaten by a Hoth Wampa and getting stranded (or worse) on the icy roads, we decided to cut our losses and stay home. To me, it was worth the ticket price not to have to dig the car out from under a snow drift, anyway.

So Matt put our Christmas turkey in the oven (after doing his gourmet magic to it) and we hung out and read our Christmas presents and watched our current Netflix pic (Terminator: Salvation, which I liked better than I expected to after seeing how much it was panned) until the bird was done, and then we had ourselves a cozy (and delish!) little Christmas dinner. Then we had pie. And then we read some more until bed time.

It was about as close to a perfect day as it gets.

How was your Christmas?