I has a collage!

I wasted three hours Friday afternoon throwing this together, and most of my lunch hour today cleaning it up. It is by no means expertly done, but I think it captures the spirit of The Hero Factor and its main characters. Not to mention helps solidify them in my head.

Click to embiggen

The characters, from left: The pooka, Michael Chambers, Taggart and Thea.

(In actuality: Brainiac, Dean (DEEEEEAAAN!!!) Winchester, and Aryn Sun.)

(In reality: James Marsters, Jensen Ackles, and Claudia Black.)

I did manage to fit some actual writing around all this photomanip fantasizing, too. Over the weekend I finished a chapter, and this morning I wrote another one. If work stays slow this afternoon, I might try to get started yet another. I’m guestimating that I’ve got about 10-15 chapters left to go, depending on how epic my climactic battle decides it wants to be.