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PCOS diet update, Halloween craft explosion, TV ramblings & other blather

After a full week on the new PCOS-friendly diet (no gluten, no dairy, mostly low-glycemic carbs), I can report that all week long I was more energetic and more clear-headed. I was also less moody (which, considering it was a PMS week, is really saying a lot), and by the end of the week I was sleeping better. I haven’t yet noticed any lessening of my external PCOS symptoms, but I figure that will probably take considerably more time than just a week. But if I can just keep all this energy and eliminate the brain fog for good, then that will make it all worth it.

I didn’t stick to it as diligently over the weekend. On Saturday Matt made bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers with cream cheese filling (a little overpoweringly spicy, but SO delicious), and then on Sunday he made brats, which I suppose I could have enjoyed sans hot dog buns, but I chose not to. And then since I was already in for a penny, I had ice cream. Oh, and that morning I had pumpkin spice bread for breakfast. Mmm. But I’m back on track today, and finding that the weekend indulgences didn’t derail me from feeling good like I worried they would.

I finally got out all of the Halloween decorations over the weekend, and got crafty and made a few additional items. You can see how all that turned out:

Halloween decorations 2014

For closeups, take a gander at my Instagram feed.

While I got my crochet on, I also caught up on all my shows, including Once Upon a Time, which was better than I expected. I appreciate that they’re basically telling a sequel to Frozen with those characters and not re-hashing the movie (which I still haven’t seen), and also that they haven’t completely derailed Regina’s pseudo-redemption arc. Although that show can’t do a decent redemption arc to save its life, so my expectation bar is set pretty low.

As for Castle, they’re just being mean, although I do like that they’re trying something new with (what I’m assuming will be) a season-long mystery to solve (and now watch them have it all tied up by the end of the second ep. Which I won’t see till next weekend, so don’t spoil me if you watch it tonight).

I didn’t get any writing done over the weekend, but I did meet my word count this morning, bringing the total on the untitled Restless Spirits sequel to 3,885.

I’ve (so far) got a fairly light week ahead of me as far as my freelance workload goes, so that should work out to give me the time I need to do the final edits on Midnight Snacks and get it ready for next week’s launch (you can pre-order it now for your Kindle, if you’re so inclined). I’m also hoping to get an official website up for my editing and self-publishing services.

So that’s how my week (and weekend) went. What about you? Did you watch anything that made you want to scream, or squee? Has Halloween exploded all over your house? How did you spend your weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments.

It’s Saturday! Let’s all sing for joy.

This was kind of a stressful week on the work side. Let’s perk up and celebrate the weekend with a highway sing-along:

My plans for the next two days involve lots of yarn, Halloween crafts and putting up the decorations. Today will also be my last hurrah enjoying carbs and cheese as I eat up all the unhealthy stuff in the house that won’t keep. Tomorrow, the new PCOS-friendly diet plan begins.

How are you enjoying your weekend?

Around and About

Sorry for the blog slowdown, folks. It’s been a general writing slowdown, really, while I’ve been taking care of business re: my health. I hesitate to go into detail here, since that’s not really what this space is for, but since a lot of women deal with this and don’t even know it, because it’s grossly underdiagnosed (seriously, I told probably five different doctors about my symptoms before one of them pinged on the right diagnosis), and someone might actually be helped with this info, I will mention that part of what’s been keeping me busy-distracted-busy is developing a plan to manage my PCOS. I blog in detail about that and other health issues at my personal blog, which is rapidly evolving into a PCOS-management blog (Livejournal followers, you can find it syndicated here).

And as long as I’m telling you about other places you can find me, here are a few more:

– I created a Facebook page for commissioning knit/crochet hats. For a few years now I’ve been making cute novelty hats for my nieces and nephews for their birthdays, and every time one of these hat presents gets opened, somebody invariably tells me that I need to be selling that stuff on Etsy. The problem with that is that I lack the budget to buy enough yarn and materials to build up inventory, and my yarn stash has been whittled down to really impractical novelty yarns that are terrible for hat-making. Also, I failed to take decent pictures of each hat I made before giving it away. So the hope here is that I’ll get enough commissions for made-to-order hats to be able to build my stash back up and make a lot of hats and open a proper shop on Etsy, eventually. And it’s not just novelty hats on the menu. I can do regular grown-up pretty hats, too. And bags. And fingerless mitts, and scarves and blankets and… basically, when you see something on Pinterest that makes you wish you could knit or crochet so you could make it for yourself? You can hire me to make it for you. So check that out.

– I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned this or not, but my Tumblr is active again after lying inert for over a year. It’s basically a catch-all that includes the feed for this blog, my Instagram pics and whatever I feel compelled to reblog from my Tumblr dashboard, usually geeky and fannish sorts of things, and occasionally inspiring things about writing. And of course the odd cute animal GIF.

– Due to an increase in activity from both trolls and creepers on my personal Facebook profile, I finally made that friends-only, and I’m only accepting friend-requests from people I know or with whom I have some degree of connection.  I have an official author page specifically for interaction with my readers, and I’m doing my very best to be more active there. So if we don’t actually know each other but you’d like to talk to me or ask me questions, either that page or this blog is probably the best place to reach out. You can also chat with me on my Twitter, but I’m not on there very consistently so I might be slow (like, taking days)  to respond.

I made gloves. And now I make goals.

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I’ve been enjoying a lazy morning snuggled up on the sofa with my pets and the snuggliest afghan in creation (thanks again, Susan!), but it’s about time to wake the aytch up and get to work, so let this post serve as a warm up for my brain.

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