Restless Oklahoma: Shaman’s Portal

Something strange is afoot in Beaver Dunes Park. Located in the panhandle of Oklahoma, the dunes are home to a legend involving the Spanish explorer Coronado, mysterious late night military excavations, Men in Black encounters, and enough mysterious disappearances to warrant the nickname “Oklahoma’s Bermuda Triangle.” The story goes that Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, as … More Restless Oklahoma: Shaman’s Portal

Restless Oklahoma: What is Going on in Dewey Public Schools?

  Gross-Tinz, Germany, 1892: a ten-year-old girl develops a tremor in her right hand, which quickly escalates to full-body seizures. Soon after, 19 other students are similarly afflicted. Doctors are stumped as to the cause. Montreal, 1894: at a ladies’ seminary, sixty students suffer mysterious seizures with no known medical cause. Bellevue, Louisiana, 1939: a … More Restless Oklahoma: What is Going on in Dewey Public Schools?

Restless Oklahoma: Tulsa’s Hex House

Suspicious deaths, basement-dwelling slaves, fraudulent activity and mysterious midnight burials — these are just a few of the sordid goings-on inside a stately-looking brick duplex in early 1940s Tulsa, which served as inspiration for one of today’s top annual Halloween haunted house attractions. The true story is about as crazy as it gets. Carolann Smith, … More Restless Oklahoma: Tulsa’s Hex House